Testing Our Faith
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Testing Our Faith

Making lemonade out of life's lemons

Testing Our Faith

Recently, I was speaking with a good friend about how beautifully God orchestrates our lives; how intricate the silk in the web has been spun. While at the time we may believe it to be minute in the grand scheme of things, it truly may have a large impact. We may believe that we may not make a huge change in the world or someone's life, but we need to realize it is not just one working in that way. We are supported by God and to think of the many Christians in the world that are in the same position, you start to get a glimpse of his power and grace.

Let me touch on that phrase for a moment, a world of Christians. While there are many of us, spread out across God's land, we are considered peculiar in our society. We are firm believers in a greater being, in a life after death and knowing we have a loving Father, always. We do not deter from our beliefs or sway in the breeze, unlike most of our surroundings. When life hands us 'lemons' we seek the Lord to make lemonade. Constantly seeking in him, asking for guidance and turning all things over to him, for he truly knows what is best.

Now stepping back and really observing, imagine the impact we are making. Many people of a different faith are turning to Christianity, realizing that there is another way, partly because we are spreading the word, living for Christ and being an example. We are a reflection of our God, how we handle situations and moments in life may affect others without our realization. A few weeks ago, part of our message in church talked of being a witness and not just accepting the Spirit just for comfort; we need to remember that in all phases of life. While we may not understand Gods' reasoning, remember there is a reason for every season.

A reflection of events that had occurred in my and my family's life that is a prime example of not understanding at the time but trusting that he has a reason was about 5 years ago. My family moved to VA for my dad's job while I stayed in my small home town, not knowing why I wasn't packing up and leaving but trusting that I needed to stay and they needed to relocate. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer while down there; however, the doctor noted that it was very early stages and did not seem of concern. While this was going on, my dad lost his job and was offered a job in MN that he was able to start right away. Once my parents had sold their house and relocated my mother had the inclination to seek other opinions in regards to her diagnosis. Non-coincidentally, due to the good Lord, the Mayo Clinic is located not too far from where they moved. My mother was diagnosed with a more aggressive cancer and was told that it needed to be addressed right away. While that was hard during those dark and confusing days, we saw God's hand at work. My mother has been in remission for roughly 2.5 years and is as strong as ever, due to trusting in God's reasoning and our prayer warriors. While it was not an easy road, I can say that my love for our father has deepened and I find myself speaking to him constantly and seeking him always. He has strengthened me in a way I can never thank him enough for, he has molded me and warmed my heart even more, so that I may serve and be compassionate to others. I am as I am today, because of his love.

While it is hard to see how God may use us or why he may want to use us, doubting that we are not enough; we need to remember that there is power in weakness. God uses hurting, doubting, unpopular, unsuccessful, sinful people every day, because we are enough to him. We are big enough to make an impact, only if we are willing to let him use us as his vessel to fulfill his will. When we focus on God, it is easier to face difficult people or situations that test our faith. (Daniel 3:17-18)

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