Tesla Crash And Self-Driving Cars: Solution Or Problem?

Tesla Crash And Self-Driving Cars: Solution Or Problem?

New technologies can bring both solutions and problems.

With the constant introduction of new stuff into our everyday lives, it’s easy to get excited about new technologies and opportunities without thinking about the possible flaws or problems that come along with these new technologies.

One of the most recent technological advances are semi-autonomous cars -- or cars who drive themselves. Recently, there was a car accident that the auto industry knew was bound to happen, but feared. On May 7, Joshua D. Brown died in an accident in Williston, Fla. He was driving a Tesla Model "S" and using it in semi-autonomous, or "autopilot," mode. The car's cameras failed to differentiate the white side of a turning tractor-trailer from a bright, light colored sky and didn’t activate its brakes. Brown didn’t activate the breaks either.

Automakers and analysts have spoken about the need to be cautious when introducing more semi-autonomous features, like automatic braking and adaptive cruise control. It’s easy for people to quickly become dependent on these features and assume they work better than they actually do. The developers and workers in this particular auto industry were always concerned about the possibility of an accident like Brown’s.

Bryant Walker Smith, a law professor at the University of Southern Carolina and expert on autonomous driving issues spoke about the understanding of these new technologies. “For years people have been saying that the technology is ready and it’s one of my pet peeves, because no it’s not,” he said.

Tesla has stressed the newness of the autopilot system, declaring that drivers have to manually enable it and “must maintain control and responsibility for your vehicle” while the system is in use. Tesla released a statement saying, “Autopilot is getting better all the time, but it is not perfect and still requires the driver to remain alert.”

Karl Brauer, a senior analyst at Kelley Blue Book, spoke about the consequences of this accident for Tesla’s reputation. “They have been touting their safety and they have been touting their advanced technology. This situation flies in the face of both,” he said.

There is still much skepticism regarding semi-autonomous and autonomous driving, but maybe that’s not such a bad thing. Walker Smith spoke about the inevitability of a car crash involving these self-driving technologies. This accident can help to bring forward a necessary discussion of regulations on this technology and its future limitations. Smith also said that it would be unfortunate if this accident turned the public’s opinion to be against driver-less cars and the potential for these cars to save lives.

When it comes to new technologies, it’s important to be somewhat cautious about them but to also remain open minded. The potential of these driver-less cars to save lives is amazing, and the public should not become closed-minded to this technology because of this accident, but rather maintain awareness of its limitations. Technology will never be perfect and we cannot depend and rely on it to be. Smith summarized his thoughts by saying, “Driving today is dangerous... Every solution creates its own set of problems."

Cover Image Credit: http://fortune.com/2016/01/12/tesla-nissan-self-parking/

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The New iPhone Is Here

"As Apple continues to create new products every year, discontinuing the home button will mean unsatisfied customers."


Apple has released their the newest line of iPhones as well as the next generation of iOS! Some images of the new iPhones have been leaked over the past few months, however, what they unveiled this week showed more than we expected. Every year Apple holds a conference where they unveil their newest technology. This year's conference took place on September 12th and is available for live-stream on Apple's homepage. We have waited an entire year since we have seen the latest and greatest from Apple, what does this new iPhone entail?

Three New Sizes


Despite Apple creating larger iPhone sizes over the past couple of years, our options for phone sizes have typically been limited to 2 choices - a regular size or plus size. This upcoming event has been rumored that Apple will be discontinuing all of the sizes we currently have available and will be creating 3 all-new sizes. At this point the name for the phone has not been unveiled yet, however, some rumors are suggesting that it will be named the 'iPhone XS'.

Image result for iphone xs

Aside from new screen sizes, these three new iPhones will include an edge to edge screen with no home button, as first released on the iPhone X. As Apple continues to create new products every year, officially discontinuing the home button on all iPhone product will mean unsatisfied customers. Although the FaceID feature introduced with the iPhone X was a huge step in innovation for technology, the TouchID Fingerprint sensor built within the home button is more convenient.

Image result for iphone xs

Two of the three iPhone's will have an OLED display whereas one of the iPhone's will have an LCD display. The main reason Apple created two phones with two different types of displays because the quality of one display is simply better than the other. The user can then decide if they would want to pay more for the new display being used on iPhone products.

Image result for iphone xs

The Software Inside - iOS 12


Alongside with the new iPhones, Apple will also unveil the new software that goes along with the device. This software will be available to earlier iPhone models, however the software is known to work best on the new device. Apple has only released a few major updates with a completely different operating system layout. This years update is subtle, yet freshens up the look a feel of the phone with a few new design changes. As seen in the picture above, the lock screen looks slightly different than previous iOS versions. Although it is different, it still gives the users an understanding of how the device works as it isn't 100% changed. This update contains many performance improvements, where your phone will work faster and more efficiently, which should in the end save your battery life.

Group FaceTime and Bonus Features


The moment we've all been waiting for - Group FaceTime! Yup, that's right - We can now FaceTime with 24 people at once. As well as being able to do that, you can also add face filters and other features to enhance your FaceTime experience. We can finally delete Skype and Houseparty, because Apple has finally listened to our requests and has added this feature for the upcoming update.

As released with the iPhone X, Animoji allowed you to express your facial features on certain cartoon characters for entertainment. In this upcoming update, you can now create an Animoji for yourself and then create facial expressions on a cartoon character of yourself.

The Photos App has been revamped with a new layout for easier photo organization.

New Lock Screen Design with grouped notifications

Siri can predict your next action on the phone and give suggestions based on daily usage.

These are just a few examples out of a thousand new things that was announced at the this year's conference. That being said, we expect to see many new things come from this leap in technology for next year's iPhones. Everyone is excited to know what Apple has created each year, whether it's a change to the physical device or the software inside.

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