Having a crush is all fun and games until the feelings you have for the person get more serious than you originally planned then its all abroad the train to stress city. Does he feel the same? Am I blowing things out of proportion and romanticizing too much? What if he just wants to be friends?

What if telling him my feelings messes everything up? These are the common thoughts that go through every girl's head when faced with a serious crush.

Now don't get me wrong realizing you like someone is really scary, you never know what another person is truly feeling, but sharing those feelings you have is worth every last bead of sweat. The worst that can happen is that the other person doesn't feel the same way and although that's a big punch to the gut, you gotta think.. what if this is the guy for me? You have to be honest about your feelings.

Telling your crush in itself your feelings is a thrill. The rush of adrenaline that you'll get from being vulnerable will leave you buzzing for days and if he feels the same it could last for months.

Plus it makes you look super confident, not only does it make you look like you're oozing self-esteem, it shows that you are strong and not afraid with sharing anything and gives a lasting impression.

AND it'll stop you from overthinking, over evaluating and plain just driving yourself nuts. The longer you hold your feelings in, the longer they'll bounce around in your brain and make you question everything. As soon as you express your emotions, that will stop. Put your mind at ease and just be honest with the guy you've had your eye on.

WORST case, they don't feel the same and you're just one person closer to finding your prince charming, BEST case scenario you both feel the same and get to explore the feelings and have a little fun together. We need to stop being stuck on the 'What Ifs' and just figure out point blank what's going on. Stop stressing, stop bottling things up, shoot ya shot and be happy or move on. We aren't here to be playing games anymore.