Top 11 Old School Songs from Taylor Swift
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Top 11 Old School Jams from Taylor Swift

Written while rocking out and reminiscing.

Old picture of Taylor Swift wearing a red jacket
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Congratulations world, Taylor Swift is on Spotify.

This is something that has changed my life in a major way because it brought so many great throwback jams back into my listening rotation. Of course, we all love more recent bangers like Bad Blood and Blank Space, but T-Swift has been rocking since 2006.

In honor of everyone's favorite sassy songwriter, let's take a walk down memory lane.

1. Teardrops On My Guitar

Odds are, this is the first Taylor Swift song that ever graced your young ears. We all imagined we had our own Drew and our own guitars to cry on, and we all fell in love.

2. Our Song

If you didn't love this song in fifth grade, we definitely would not have been friends. Because of this song, we all know that the deepest kind of love is the kind that you write a song about on an old napkin while you're riding shotgun with your hair undone in the front seat of his car.

3. Picture To Burn

Definitely not the most famous T-Swift hit, but still amazing. Is there any other insult better for an old boyfriend than to call him "just another picture to burn"?

4. Hey Stephen

Taylor Swift making a heart shape with her heartGiphy

The perfect song for a boy-crazy tween girl...I might have been slightly obsessed with it for a few months.

5. Fifteen

I can't say that Taylor Swift at fifteen and me at fifteen were all that similar. For comparison purposes, above there's a video of fifteen-year-old Taylor

And fifteen-year-old me:

Basically twins. But still, fifteen-year-old me (and twenty-year-old me) totally love Fifteen.

6. Love Story

When I first heard this song, I was in sixth grade and it was the height of romance. It's certainly not an accurate portrayal of Romeo and Juliet, but it's much more fun.

7. You Belong with Me

This song can probably be pointed to as when my girl really took off. Of course, this was the music video that beat Beyonce's Single Ladies and led to the Kanye/T-Swift beef. But even before the most memorable thing to ever happen at the VMA's occurred, You Belong With Me inspired "girls next door" everywhere.

8. Speak Now

Gif of Taylor Swift singing Speak NowGiphy

Even though this song was also the title of T's third album, it's a song that I completely forgot about until a few days ago when it came up on my Spotify. Since then, I've basically had it on repeat. Am I listening to it right now? Hell yes.

9. Never Grow Up

When I first heard this song I thought, "Okay, it's a nice song." When I heard this song after I moved out of my childhood home and was living on my own at school, I sobbed. I don't recommend that you play this for your mom when she's feeling emotional.

10. Mine

This song was constantly blasted on the bus ride home from volleyball games when I was in eighth grade. Once again, Taylor Swift gave thirteen-year-olds a new definition of what love should be: taking on the world together and a drawer of my things at your place.

11. Mean

If you ever experienced any kind of injustice since the year 2010, you probably sang Mean in the shower that night. You come for the low-key sass of the chorus, but stay for when the song really crescendos and T-Swift belts out that the person who wronged her is "a liar, and pathetic, and alone in life, and mean." It really escalates quickly.

T-Swift, we thank you for your years of bangers. I proudly say that I have been jamming out to your songs for over ten years now. Thank you for finally jumping on the Spotify train; my road trips will be so much better now.

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