Taylor Swift Increases Voter Registration

240,000+ People Register To Vote  After Taylor Swift Proves She Is Still A World Class Role Model

The singer-songwriter has so much more to offer than just her superb artistry.


Taylor Swift has built herself an empire. Her music appeals to generations of women and men, young and old. Her influence as a star is one of great magnitude, and quite frankly, she is a force to be reckoned with.

Since I've been a child, Taylor Swift has inspired me through her words, her love of her fans, and her treatment of others. But now, with her stating her political opinions, she has crossed into an even greater line of stardom.

Taylor Swift coming forward about her views when in the past she has avoided the spotlight concerning the political atmosphere, was the push young people, especially women, needed. With Swift having the broad fan base that she does, her opinions have a much greater impact than what anyone had thought before.

Within 48 hours of Swift urging her fans to register to vote, over 240,000 people registered.

5,000+ people in her home state of Tennessee alone. That's incredible.

Let's not forget how Kanye West is adamantly supporting Donald Trump (for reasons many of us have yet to fathom), so Swift's call for voters to make their voices heard could not have come sooner. It just goes to show much influence a celebrity can have on endorsing certain political candidates and movements.

In her recent Instagram post, which has close to two million likes, Swift goes into great depth to describe how and why voters should choose their political figures. She names names, and to the surprise of many, is voting democratic these elections.

Although it shouldn't seem like a surprise that Swift is voting for this party, after her lawsuit against former radio host, David Mueller, groped her at a meet-and-greet, it makes sense why she would be voting for people who take sexual assault seriously. Her voice can help represent the voices of many women who have been put in similar situations and have had to deal with the repercussions of it.

Not only does she talk about what is happening to women, but she also talks directly about the treatment of the LGBTQ community and of different racial ethnicities. This is huge. Because of her silence on politics in the past, people started rumors that Swift was actually a "white supremacist" and was "Pro-Trump."

In a single post, all of those allegations were promptly denied. Her support of equality for all persons has made her even more desirable to the public. Swift's role as an icon for millions of young women and men will inspire them to use their own voices instead of watching what is happening around them.

Taylor Swift knew the risks of getting involved with political opinions.

Many of her fans come from more conservative viewpoints. I can only assume that in the past, she didn't want to segregate her followers. But in the end, she made the right decision. Yes, she may lose some of her fans because of this. But she also won the respect of many for the courage to stand up for what she believes in.

I applaud her for that.

Taylor Swift will continue to bring inspiration to young people and old everywhere, and she will always be one of the greatest role models America has.

Listen to her. Make yourself heard. Go and vote.

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