Have you ever looked at the state of the American government and thought "I really miss Obama"? I certainly have! But for me, those days of feeling forlorn are over as Joe Biden has officially declared that he's running for president in 2020. Biden is now seen as the current front runner of the democratic party and I wouldn't be surprised if he actually gets the nomination.

Joe Biden has been the most aggressive towards Trump and I feel that that's an effective technique since it really plays on the disdain the public has towards the president. Emotions are an extremely powerful factor that helps us decide who we want and Biden is using that to his advantage. Of course, he can't solely base his campaign on the dislike people have towards Trump. Biden is a well-known name that speaks for itself. Biden has a resume full of achievements that promote the democratic party.

I feel that many people will be willing to endorse Biden and his campaign. The International Association of Firefighters has endorsed Biden to the chagrin of Trump. Obama hasn't released a statement about supporting Biden and probably never will since Biden wants to win on his own merit and asked him not to.

I personally feel that Biden will be the front runner for 2020 and wouldn't really need to campaign as much as the other candidates since his views and name are well known. For other candidates, the struggle is getting their names out there. Money in their campaign has to go to getting their reputation and platform to become a household name. Biden doesn't have that problem as most people already know who he is and what he stands for. His biggest competition for the candidacy will most likely come from Bernie Sanders as he has a similar level of notoriety.