Some would describe 2019 as the year of women empowerment with the rise of Lizzo, Maren Morris and "Lover," the newest, powerful Taylor Swift album. They have produced so many girl power songs that we can't stop listening to one repeat including: GIRL(Morris), You Need To Calm Down(Swift), Good as Hell and Truth Hurts by Lizzo. Female empowerment is one of the most popular themes this year that's evident in music, videos and award show performances.

One example is Lizzo's show stopping performance on the VMA's this month. She energized the crowd, preaching "it's so hard to love yourself living in a world that doesn't love you back." Lizzo is the example that we need to follow by supporting and loving women and not bringing each other down. Lizzo says, "I don't have to know your story to know you're tired of the bullshit too." Her performance breaks barriers with all African American dancers, specifically women.

The music video for Maren Morris' GIRL contains a variety of perspectives and definitions to what it means to be a woman. She starts the video with commentary saying, "we(women) just want the same as everyone else." This quote points towards the gender inequality that persists in American society. It shows women are willing to go to any lengths to find support for themselves whether it's stealing, having an unexpected child or listening to a male instructor(who looks to be in charge of Morris' music career).

Morris tells in a Youtube video the purpose of writing GIRL was to send the message that it is okay to not be okay. She elaborates the importance of taking care of yourself and prioritizing mental health. She says, "GIRL started as something I was saying to another woman like 'we don't need to be competitive with one another."

The biggest bombshell and talk this summer was all about Taylor Swift's music video, and several performances of You Need to Calm Down, including Amazon's Prime Day concert(featuring all women artists). Her Prime Day performance was not one to forget as she sang Shake it Off and referenced, "the liars and the dirty dirty cheats of the world(some say it was an attack on Scooter Braun, the new owner of Swift's entire music catalog)."

The Prime Day concert had all female performers including: Swift, Becky G, SZA, and Dua Lipa. There were multiple mentions of support for the female artists performing throughout the night from the current performer on stage. Becky G said, "it's all about that girl power."

Lastly, all of these artists have several similarities: overcoming everyday struggles, building confidence and knowing they are worthy of their accomplishments(even with setbacks). 2019 is the year of women empowerment but also the year of self-care. However, being a woman isn't only about self care, but caring for other women and not putting each other down. It's up to us to set a positive example for future generations of women to come.