Being born on the first day of Taurus season, I think I am quite qualified to speak on this subject. For the second edition in a 12 part series, the focus is on all the bulls in the astrological cycle. You've got about three weeks to plan for your beloved Taurus and I'm here to help!

The time for your Taurus is April 20 to May 19. Let's talk about the breakdown of a Taurus.

Taurus' are normally described as reliable and faithful, stubborn and unwavering, and devoted and patient. A Taurus usually loves luxury and can be seen as materialistic. They love the finer things in life, but also don't mind putting in the work. Taurus' do tend to let their stubborn mindset get in the way and won't often try something new. They stick to what they know and continue on that path. The practicality of a Taurus can sometimes get in the way of their emotions. That being said, here's a list of things your Taurus would want for their special day!

1. A gift basket.

Put together a collection of things your Taurus would love! Give them things they'd love to indulge in or treat themselves to-- chocolate, a comfy blanket, candles, coffee, a pair of slippers, or gift cards to their favorite stores! If you want to personalize it, add a card or a note for them! You can't go wrong with a gift basket.

2. Shopping trip.

Put some cash aside for your favorite bull and take them to a mall or their favorite store. Set the budget for them and let them go free! They'll love to splurge on themselves, without having to use their own money!

3. Spa Day.

A common theme is the Taurus treating themselves. What can I say? We love to be pampered! You can take the pricier route and take them out for manicures, pedicures, facials, etc., or you can have a night in and DIY it all!

Grab some face masks and bring out the candles and you have a spa day!

4. Roller Skating Night.

A night out with friends doing a fun activity would be super fun for a Taurus. They get to spend time with the people they care about and do something they normally wouldn't!