Tattooing Is The New Doodling

I have totally and completely fallen in love with tattooing.


I was always the kid that was glued to their notebook in every class; jotting down some actual notes hidden in clusters of doodles and drawings. If a teacher thought that I wasn't paying attention, I would simply say that doodling helped me focus. I'm not sure if that was ever true, but I've definitely grown into that reality. Honestly, have drawings on my notes helps me memorize my notes a lot better. So I guess it was productive, in more than one way.

I expanded from my notebook to canvas throughout middle school, high school, and college. While I vastly enjoy painting and really any type of expression on a large blank space, there's something about small, simple, doodles that will always have a place in my heart.

As someone with tattoos, I'm surprised the idea of purchasing a tattoo gun was not my own.

With a few tattoo ideas already in mind, my friend, Maggie, decided to get me a tattoo gun for my birthday this past fall. I really have to give it to her; it was seriously the best present ever. Plus, what a great way to get free tattoos for life!

After tattooing myself within the first five minutes of having the tattoo gun, I was beyond eager to tattoo anything with a pulse. Pretty much all of my friends had tattoos within the week. One of my friends that I tattooed mentioned that I should start charging — give people cool little tattoos for a price much cheaper than that at a studio. Genius.

I never dreamed, or even had the original idea, that I could be a tattoo artist. Though I had thought about doing my own tattoos, I never thought about doing tattoos for others...which oh my goodness is the best part of the whole experience! I'm not even sure if I can put into words the smile on someone's face when they see your art on their body for forever and ever and ever — definitely one of the most rewarding smiles I've ever seen.

Which is why I have totally and completely fallen in love with tattooing.

The concept, itself, pretty much encapsulates my love for the art -- someone comes to you with an idea (sometimes really broad and sometimes really specific), then you take that idea and bring it to fruition. You make the idea come alive, for that someone, for yourself, and for the rest of the world. And then that idea, that entire thought, will forever be on someone's body for them to love and adore it for the rest of their time here on this beautiful Earth in their beautiful human suit.

I guess to get all deep about it, tattooing has taught me to stop being afraid of what "permanent" means in this ever-changing, forever-evolving, temporary, Earthly experience.

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The Perfect Body Piercing For Your Unique Personality, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Let the stars decide your next piercing.


Piercings are so much fun and a great way to stick jewels or metal nearly anywhere on your body. They're perfect for when you're looking for a fun way to spend your check, you're going through a mental breakdown, or just if you're trying to spice up your look. Whatever the occasion, it can always be hard to decide which piercing you want next.

Next time, let your zodiac sign do the work for you.

Taurus: Nose Piercing


Taurus, you're reliable and patient and this piercing suits that vibe best. Go for the nose piercing and rock it.

Libra: Septum


Libra, your balanced nature matches this piercing well. No need to pick a side with this one, just go for it and love it.

Scorpio: Nipples

Scorpio, you're passionate, exciting and this (semi-)secretive piercing matches your vibes. Get one, get two, rock it!

Gemini: Navel


Virgo: Double Lobe

Wikimedia Commons

Virgo, you're practical to a fault. Get a little wild with a different take on a classic look and double up on lobe piercings.

Leo: Cartilage

Wikimedia Commons

Leo, your generous and faithful nature makes the classic cartilage piercing the metal for you.

Capricorn: Tragus


Capricorn, your disciplined nature makes the discreet tragus piercing the one for you. You're careful about your choices, but I promise this one is a good one.

Pisces: Industrial

Wikimedia Commons

Pisces, you're sensitive and easily led astray. This piercing can be a reminder to keep the bar high for yourself (about as high on your body as you can get it).

Sagittarius: Rook

Wikimedia Commons

Sagittarius, your optimism and curiosity make this the perfect piercing for you.

Aquarius: Forward Helix

Katelynn Groh / YouTube

Aquarius, you're independent and don't fall into line with the crowd. Get a forward helix piercing or two or three and make that individuality pop.

Cancer: Conch

Ericka Talks / YouTube

Cancer, you're loyal and protective over those you care about and this matches that energy. Get a piercing that circles and protects your whole ear.

Aries: All of Them

Aries, you're adventurous and you can do so many cool things with a million different piercings. Don't be limited to just one and go for them all!

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Learning A Foreign Language Has Been One Of The Most Beneficial Experiences In My College Career So Far

It may seem daunting at first, but taking a foreign language will be one of the most rewarding experiences you'll have in college.


When I first discovered that I needed to take a two-semester sequence of a foreign language of my choice in order to get my degree I was nervous. I thought that after high school I would be finished learning another language. I think that my attitude towards taking a foreign language in high school was why my experience wasn't the best. At the time, it was an inconvenience that made school even more challenging than it already was. To that extent, though, I think it provided me with the skills needed to succeed in higher education regardless of the classes that I take.

For my foreign language sequence, I chose to take French. In high school, I had taken Spanish, but I wanted to start fresh with a language that I had no real knowledge of prior to the first day of class. It became clear right from the start that taking a foreign language here at the University of Florida was going to be challenging. With class every day of the week, Monday through Friday, and exams every week and a half to two weeks, French quickly became a major part of my daily life.

My initial outlook on taking a foreign language in college was that I would simply take French for two semesters and be done with it. However, after my first semester of French I fell in love with the process of learning languages and decided that I wanted to minor in it. Everyone told me to wait and see how my second semester of French went and now that it is almost over I can safely say that I still want to minor in French.

Taking a foreign language in college has completely changed my perspective on learning other languages. It has ignited a curiosity and desire in me to learn more languages. Hopefully one day I can branch out and learn other languages, starting with Italian.

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