Tattooing Is The New Doodling

I have totally and completely fallen in love with tattooing.

McCall Donoho

I was always the kid that was glued to their notebook in every class; jotting down some actual notes hidden in clusters of doodles and drawings. If a teacher thought that I wasn't paying attention, I would simply say that doodling helped me focus. I'm not sure if that was ever true, but I've definitely grown into that reality. Honestly, have drawings on my notes helps me memorize my notes a lot better. So I guess it was productive, in more than one way.

I expanded from my notebook to canvas throughout middle school, high school, and college. While I vastly enjoy painting and really any type of expression on a large blank space, there's something about small, simple, doodles that will always have a place in my heart.

As someone with tattoos, I'm surprised the idea of purchasing a tattoo gun was not my own.

With a few tattoo ideas already in mind, my friend, Maggie, decided to get me a tattoo gun for my birthday this past fall. I really have to give it to her; it was seriously the best present ever. Plus, what a great way to get free tattoos for life!

After tattooing myself within the first five minutes of having the tattoo gun, I was beyond eager to tattoo anything with a pulse. Pretty much all of my friends had tattoos within the week. One of my friends that I tattooed mentioned that I should start charging — give people cool little tattoos for a price much cheaper than that at a studio. Genius.

I never dreamed, or even had the original idea, that I could be a tattoo artist. Though I had thought about doing my own tattoos, I never thought about doing tattoos for others...which oh my goodness is the best part of the whole experience! I'm not even sure if I can put into words the smile on someone's face when they see your art on their body for forever and ever and ever — definitely one of the most rewarding smiles I've ever seen.

Which is why I have totally and completely fallen in love with tattooing.

The concept, itself, pretty much encapsulates my love for the art -- someone comes to you with an idea (sometimes really broad and sometimes really specific), then you take that idea and bring it to fruition. You make the idea come alive, for that someone, for yourself, and for the rest of the world. And then that idea, that entire thought, will forever be on someone's body for them to love and adore it for the rest of their time here on this beautiful Earth in their beautiful human suit.

I guess to get all deep about it, tattooing has taught me to stop being afraid of what "permanent" means in this ever-changing, forever-evolving, temporary, Earthly experience.

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