Tanning Can Be Addictive, Even If We Don't Like It

Tanning Can Be Addictive, Even If We Don't Like It

We all have our reasons to start, we just can't get the motivation to stop!

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As summer nears, we are thrilled for the season that we can finally be tan again in. We spend as much time in the sun on those hot summer days as we possibly can to soak up those rays. Until summer comes we may have taken up a bad habit, whether it be from prom, it came with your gym package, the need to just be tan, or it isn't even a new bad habit. We've probably all tanned before for one of those reasons because we of course want to try it out! Being pale is miserable and we are just tired of not being able to wear bright colors.

Spring is the ultimate time though where those who have the bad habit of tanning or may start it struggle. Summer is right around the corner so do we really need to tan? Summer is right around the corner so we should tan because then we can start wearing our cute summer clothes now!

Spring also is the time for prom season, girls rush into the tanning salons to make sure they look good in time to wear their dress because being pale in April or May is totally abnormal and you can't risk getting a bad spray tan! Also of course in spring, is spring break. This thing called spring break makes us feel we are doing the right thing by tanning "a little" before going on vacation so we have a base. For those of us who didn't go on vacation for spring break, we may feel the need to tan just for the sake that everyone else is going to come back with nice color.

No matter what the reason we say we need to start tanning we end up loving it, even those who hate it. We all struggle to break the habit because it feels so good. You can lay in a bed and think about how you're sitting there cooking your way to cancer but you'll still go back next time; we've all been through that.

But then next time we go we tell ourselves we are fine and dance in the stand up tanning bed to our music because this tan is making us look fantastic! Spring is coming to an end, May is almost halfway done and June is almost here. It seems pretty silly to continue tanning in summer but thinking about canceling your tanning membership is just something we will continue to avoid. Tanning is addictive, nothing bad like drugs because you can stop easily if you want, but it'd be a lie to say you can't help but wanting to keep tanning.

I'm not here to tell those who tan that you need to stop because you can get cancer. Many of us have all tanned and we know how lovely getting a glow after just a couple rounds of 15 minutes is. Enjoy yourselves and get your tan on, just consider only going a few times rather then going into full blown tanning addict. Plus summer is right around the corner, have some fun in the free sun rays!

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