A Tale of Two Candidates

This election can’t get any crazier.. can it? In the past couple of days we’ve seen the FBI reopen the Clinton case and Trump get buried in rape accusations. With one political bomb after another being thrown, it’s difficult to foresee the outcome of the polls on November 4th. Those polls are tightening up in a way not imaginable just a couple days ago. The election is just over a week away, how much more can the public handle?

Here are some recent updates on the 2016 race.

CLINTON: A big bombshell dropped Friday, informing Americans that Hillary’s email probe would reopen in light of new evidence that could possibly indict the 2016 Democratic presidential candidate.The F.B.I. director, James B. Comey, uncovered new emails that may be related to the Clinton case just days before the general election. It is extremely rare for the FBI to release information regarding an ongoing investigation like this- especially so close to a presidential election. It’s difficult to see the election of a crooked president who will also undergo a criminal investigation the first couple months in office. A YouTube video has also been released exposing rigging and tampering of the election within Clinton’s campaign.

TRUMP: Trump is get slammed with accusations of sexual assault right and left. The list of women is so long it's genuinely disgusting. His lewd comments about women were released just a few weeks ago. Consequently, people are continuing to question his unacceptable behavior and language regarding women. So in regard to Trump, it is also difficult to see the election of such a chauvinistic degenerate.

With all of this back and forth, the question that everyone is asking themselves seems to be, is either candidate fit for office? If the answer is no, can the American public elect either candidate with good conscience?

** “A Tale of Two Electorates” - title coined by ABC Director of Polling, Gary Langer
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