When it comes to sleep, I don't mess around. Ask anyone I've ever lived with, especially my current roommates, there is always a period of time during the day that my blackout curtains are drawn, the door is locked, and nothing but silence seeps through my doors. If you want to optimize both your mental and physical health, rest is required.

Being a college student, you especially need rest due to the sickly environment in order to keep your immune system strong. I know slowing down isn't ideal in this fast-paced world surrounding us, but trust me, it is so worth it to take time for yourself. So when getting the recommended 8 hours of sleep per night isn't feasible or you are just worn out, take a nap! Even so much as a 20-minute power nap will have you feeling refreshed and ready to take on whatever life throws at you. Actually, 26 minutes is the magic number, according to NASA.

You know those people that say "naps are a waste of your time" or "you are being lazy when you nap"? They are sadly mistaken and are missing out on one of the greatest wonders in life. Studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of naps to improve subsequent performance and alertness, so why go through the day like a zombie when you can take 26 minutes out of your day to recharge? Instead be a nap promoter like me, and together we can remove the "laziness" stigma associated with naps.

One of the best things about being rested and energized is that you are now filled back up so you can overflow into others. When you take care of yourself as you should, pouring into others comes naturally. After reading this, I hope you don't take your well-being lightly anymore, and you spark a change of renewal in yourself and those around you!