Take Control Of Your Future

Take Control Of Your Future

I was trying to rush the journey, and was blind by the fact that the journey was actually the most amazing part of it all.

The Gottman Institute

Why do we get so anxious in our waiting season? Is it because we are constantly looking ahead, believing and hoping that our future will turn out for the better? Why do we get stuck believing the lie that our future is more important than our present moment? Why can't we learn to just BE and why is it so hard to be present? Is the grass truly greener on the other side?

This is the struggle that many people face. And it's time to be addressed.

Let's embrace the unknown, learn to be patient, and appreciate where we are at in the current moment.

This is something I've always struggled with. I've always looked towards the future, hoping, waiting, and fantasizing.

I believed a lie that my future would be much much better.

I would daydream about the future and take time to figure out how I would get there and what the process would look like. I took literal steps toward my future that were sometimes even unrealistic. I would do just about anything to get where I wanted to be. Taking control of my life instead of letting life happen to me caused some major let downs because of such high expectations.

I was trying to rush the journey and was blinded by the fact that the journey was actually the most amazing part of it all.

Are you in the waiting period right now?

Maybe you are. And that's okay.

The journey is supposed to grow, stretch, and mold you. It is about the process, not the destination.

The best moments in life are when you aren't planning on them. Like little surprises, they just show up out of nowhere. These little gifts can truly be appreciated, because of the fact that it wasn't something that was according to your plan in the first place. It just simply showed up. What a true, real gift this is.

Instead of spending all of your time on how you want your life to go, which path to take, and what the final destination will look like, I advise you to grasp the journey of it all. Because when you truly look back, you won't be looking back wishing and hoping you'd been just a little more patient.

You will look back knowing that you've enjoyed the ride, waiting, hoping, and believing, that wherever this crazy life takes you-- it was, and will be-- totally worth it.

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