Lately, most people have been talking about self-care and giving examples on how to do that because we want to let people know it’s important to take care of yourself before trying to take care of others. I want to talk about the importance of self-care.

It’s always good to be kind to others and care for them in their time of need. It shows the type of person you are. While trying to make sure everyone around you is okay and taken care of, you sometimes tend to forget yourself which is normal because we have that feeling we are being selfish for thinking about ourselves. That’s not true. It’s very important to make sure you are happy and healthy. Here are my tips for taking care yourself!

1. Take time for yourself

It’s good to care for others and being there for them. You are also important too so take time for yourself. All you have is you at the end of the day and it’s only one you so make sure you take care yourself.

2. Eat healthily

Eat healthily and take care of your body. It’s hard because there is so much tasty food around and it’s easy to grab but make better choices so your body can be healthy.

3. Color, doodle, or read

This is a great way to take time for yourself and relax.

4. Be around people that make you happy

It’s always good to be around people that make you happy and love you for you. Go out with friends and have a great time.

5. Meditate

Meditation can help you become relax and recharge so you can continue to go through your day.

6. Rest

Resting is very important. Your body needs to get as much rest as possible. Yes, it’s hard because of college, work, and other things in life but whenever you get the chance, make sure to rest.

7. Think positive

When you wake up in the morning, speak that it will be a great day. Even if it sucks, be thankful you were able to be alive to experience the day and can’t wait to have a better one. Always think positive and don’t let anyone still your shine.

8. Enjoy life

Life can suck sometimes and be difficult but there are so much more to life than what people think. Enjoy your life and if you want to make it better, work towards your dreams. It’s never too late to work towards the life you want.

9. Write in a journal

Journaling can help you be able to express how you feel and write down all the goals you want to accomplish.

10. Treat yourself!!!!

I love this goal because it’s true. Treat yourself to some shopping, nails, hair, and facials. You deserve to treat yourself like the Queen or King you are!

11. Love yourself

The most important one. Always love yourself. It’s important that you love everything about you because there is only one of you. You should embrace yourself and be proud of who you are. Don’t allow society to tell you otherwise. Love yourself, honey, because you are BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING, and a BLESSING!