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Take A Walk

The importance of fresh air.

Take A Walk
Kit Johns

The weather has been uncommonly gorgeous for the past couple of days, and while a part of me is worried about the fact that this unseasonably warm weather is a process of global warming and it basically means our planet is dying, another part of me is thankful for the opportunity to go outside without a coat on. (Not trying to disregard how important global warming is and how much we are killing our planet; just trying to find something positive to focus on.) (Seriously, though, read up on global warming. It's a pretty big deal.)

So while trying to focus on the positives, I took advantage of the gorgeous weather Saturday afternoon and took a nice long walk around my campus. With nowhere to be and no one to meet, I literally strolled, taking my time admiring the way the light glinted off the buildings, the way my feet moved over the grass, the way the bark of a tree felt under my hand. I took pictures, I enjoyed the sunshine, and I just generally had a good time. The walk seemed to take no time at all, even though I was gone for about half an hour, just wandering wherever my feet decided to take me.

But why does just taking a short walk improve my mood so much? What is it about spending some time studying out in the open air that makes the reading more enjoyable or easier to understand?

I think it has something to do with the fact that I've been cooped up inside all winter, breathing the same stale air that's been circulating since we turned the heat on back in November. My roommate and I opened the window to our room on Saturday, and there was an almost instantaneous change in the atmosphere as sunlight and cool, almost spring air filled the small space. I suddenly wanted to dust, to clean, to spend as much time as I could outside. I wanted to do my homework. I wanted to do chores. I wanted to be doing something. Fresh air makes such a difference that it makes me want to do so many things that I had spent pretty much all winter avoiding.

Fresh air and warmer weather represent new starts, new perspectives. This transition period that we like to think of as "spring" is the first, deep breath of a world waking up from a long, restful nap. And that means it's time to get on our feet and do something.

So do yourself of a favor and take a walk while the weather is nice. You'll feel better afterward.

Take a breath. It'll be okay.

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