5 Things I Take For Granted Every Day
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5 Things I Take For Granted Every Day

Everyone's heard the overused phrase "Blessings in disguise," but looking closer, the things I overlook everyday are some of the things I am most grateful for.

5 Things I Take For Granted Every Day

Everyone's heard the overused phrase "Blessings in disguise", but looking closer, the things I overlook everyday are some of the things I am most grateful for.

1. My mother's text messages

My mom is one of my favorite people on this planet. Since coming to college, she texts me reminders that seem like common sense and I should know living on my own, but reminds me nonetheless. This photo is a screenshot of a real text I got from her. One should remember to put grapes in the fridge after buying them, but if you know me, you know I forget.

I am so thankful for her worrisome heart, because she looks after me in all aspects of my life. Sometimes I feel like I disappoint her and that is why I get texts about grapes, but then I realize how much she loves me and how much she thinks about me. So if you read this, Mom, thank you for your heart and your beautiful texts.

2. Flowers

Although I do not have a green thumb myself, Iowa State's campus is FILLED with flowers and beautiful scenery. I use to look at flowers and think of their beauty, but lately I've realized how much we can learn from flowers. First, they went through dirt in order to bloom, second, they don't get to choose where they bloom, but they become beautiful either way, and third, flowers don't compete with others to be the best, they simply grow at their own pace. T

hank you, flowers for teaching me how to be the most beautiful version of myself in whatever situation I face.

3. Homework

If I had a dollar for every time I complain about studying, I could pay for my entire college tuition. Being a design major, I draw for at least fifteen hours a week outside of my 6 hours of class time (Let's not forget about my 5 other classes on top of my pre-existing workload). You can probably see I'm still working on this grateful thing for homework, BUT I am really trying.

Just thinking about all the people, even in the United States, who can't go to college and want to, makes me feel unworthy to complain about my education. I have the blessing of waking up and learning something new everyday that will further my future career. Homework, I'm sorry I complain about you, thank you for bettering my future.

4. People who check in on me

Some of the people that keep me sane

Calling, texting, grabbing coffee, or just saying hello in passing takes very little effort. Just yesterday, I had a crummy day and my good friend texted me, without even knowing about my day, and asked to hang out. He gave me a chocolate chip cookie and a hug; this turned my day around. I think going out of your way, even if it doesn't take that long, to reach out to a friend is one of the most special things one can do.

I take for granted this kind of generosity all the time, but I am so lucky to have the support system I have. My favorite people, thank you for keeping me sane.

5. Feeling uncomfortable

I step outside of my comfort zone more in one week at college than I did an entire year at high school. The endless number of oppurtunities and people to make connections with can be daunting. It is far easier to sit in my dorm room and watch Grey's Anatomy than it is to do merely anything else. But, meeting new people on my floor, getting involved in my sorority, and more has been the BEST thing.

By allowing myself to be out of my comfort zone, I am allowing myself to change and grow into a more diverse human. This molds me into a more empathetic, social, and overall happier person, because I expose myself to new situations. Discomfort, thank you for shaping me into a new and improved individual.

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