After almost two full years of living on campus, I'd say I know a thing or two about the dining options at Syracuse. I know the ins and outs of many of these cafes, aka what to and what NOT to order. Below I've ranked every dining hall and cafe Syracuse has to offer. And don't get me wrong a trip to Tully's, Pastabilities, or Chipotle will forever be 100% better than these options.

Dining Halls

1. Ernie

2. Graham

3. Shaw

4. Sadler

5. Goldstein

6. Brockway


1. Kimmel

2. West Campus Starbucks

3. The Junction


5. Life Science Cafe

6. Schine Dining

7. Pages

8. Eggers Cafe

9. Slocum Cafe

10. The Warehouse Cafe

11. Olsten Cafe

12. iCafe

13. Falk Cafe