10 Baseball Cuties That Will Make You Swoon
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10 Baseball Cuties That Will Make You Swoon

Now that spring training is in full swing… here are some baseball players that will make you want to watch the game.

10 Baseball Cuties That Will Make You Swoon

I'm gonna be real honest with y'all baseball is a tad slow. Watching it on TV sucks but watching it in the stadium is a whole experience and with the added bonus of seeing those baseball butts in real life can make your whole day.

So if you don't really like baseball then this one is for you. Here are ten baseball players that are so cute you will never want to miss a game.

Harrison Bader

As a St. Louis gal I HAD to include Harrison Bader. He's such a freaking cutie and almost every girl in St. Louis loves him. It doesn't seem like he has a girlfriend, so shoot your shot ladies! I may only like him because his name is Harrison and I've been in love with a guy named Harrison since kindergarten, but its fine.

Dansby Swanson

This is the most attractive man I have ever laid eyes on. I actually pulled this picture up in my Spanish class and made everyone look at him for a good fifteen minutes. He's just that attractive. LIKE LOOK AT HIS SMILE! And the fact he is holding a child makes him 10000x hotter. Sadly, this hot Atlanta Braves player has a girlfriend. :( But don't worry you can still see him in your dreams.

JD Martinez

If you are into scruff, JD Martinez is your man. Personally, he's not my type but he can still get it. And the Boston font truly makes anyone attractive I don't even know how it just has that power.

Christian Yelich

I don't know what is wrong with me but seeing pictures of these baseball players with kids has me feeling some type of way. I think I'm in love. He kind of looks like a tanner, hotter version of Pete Davidson but I think it is just his eyes. Yelich was a cover athlete for ESPN's Body Issue in 2019, so go look at those and you will fall in love. You can thank me later.

Kris Bryant

I remember seeing Kris Bryant play once and I fell in love (which I have been saying about every player on this list.) But, seriously I spent almost two hours trying to find him because I couldn't remember his name and then I found him and was pleasantly surprised with how gorgeous his eyes are. Typically, I'm not in love with blue eyes but he looks like the kind of guy that you would make eye contact with in the gym and not be able to stop thinking of him for two years.

Tyler Wade

Now this man is a different story. He not only looks like a man you would want in your bed but, also a man you would want to meet your parents. Or even take to a wedding especially in that suit. I have to move on from Tyler Wade before I start dreaming of having his children.

Max Kepler

His Instagram username says it all. He has a sense of humor. Now, he is everyone's type. Sorry, I don't make the rules.

Kevin Keirmaier

Dark hair, light eyes, 1,012 Instagram followers. What more can we ask for? This man is our man. DM him and see if he answers. Who knows? Maybe he will fall in love with you.

Nick Solak

This is a man I would bring home to my parents. A true midwest boy according to Google. He has to be a sweetheart if he came from Illinois. A nice "Ope. Sorry let me just squeeze right past ya!" is all I need to fall in love with this man. Plus, he's young, so he is seriously perfect.

Scott Kingery

Scott Kingery (pictured right) looks like the sweetest guy on the planet with his cute little nose. I definitely would want him to coach our son's little league team. Plus, his hair looks so lushious that running your fingers through his hair would be a dream.

That's all I have for baseball boys today! If I kept writing this I would fall in love with every baseball player and I don't really want to fall down that rabbit hole.

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