Meet Dahlia & Sam, Swoon's Latest #RelationshipGoals Featured Couple
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Meet Dahlia & Sam, Swoon's Latest #RelationshipGoals Featured Couple

He flew across the country to have a second chance with her.

Meet Dahlia & Sam, Swoon's Latest #RelationshipGoals Featured Couple

Each week, Swoon features a couple that's deserving of being true #RelationshipGoals. If you or someone you know deserves to be featured,click hereto nominate an amazing couple.


Dahlia and Sam

How long they've been together:

"We have been together over a year, but we’ve been in love for ten years." - Dahlia

How they meet:

"We met in sixth grade when he sat behind me in reading class and kicked my chair repeatedly until I talked to him." - Dahlia

The most romantic thing to ever happen to them:

"Sam and I went to different high schools, he went to tech school and I went to public school. He dressed up in his military dress blues and came to my high school's senior prom to confess his love and dance with me, but I was not there.

Later that year, Sam flew from Arizona, where he was living, back home to Connecticut in May 2016. He borrowed a friend's car and drove to my house. He walked to my back door and saw that there were no cars in the driveway, but that my kitchen light was on. He said he knows all Italians leave their kitchen lights on when no one is home, so he drew the conclusion that I was not there, which was true. So he took this as a sign that it wasn't meant to be, and flew back to Arizona without further reaching out to me. I didn't learn about this until we re-connected the following year...

We spent four hours talking in a cafe, and all of a sudden we realized the cafe had been closed and they were cleaning up to go home. So we got in my car and we drove to Miller's Pond State Park in our hometown of Middletown, Connecticut, and I was so nervous that I forgot the way to get there and Sam had to pull it up on GPS so we could get there. It was January and the lake was frozen over, and Sam taught me how to skip rocks on the frozen lake so it makes a sound like birds chirping as the rock skips." - Dahlia

Their favorite memory:

"My favorite memory of us is when we woke up at 4 a.m. and drove to the beach in Rhode Island to watch the sunrise. It was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen or done." - Dahlia

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