15 Surprising Things You Learn From Living With Roommates In College

15 Surprising Things You Learn From Living With Roommates In College

Your roommates can make or break your college experience.


Since I started college, I have lived with a total of 17 roommates. That's a lot of girls. Lots of VERY different girls. Some of them were from my time with the Disney College Program, and some are from my time so far living in an on-campus apartment at EMU.

There's been fights, drama, and differences, but there's also been love and some of the best times of my life with these girls that I wouldn't trade for the world. I have gone in blind with every single one of them, not knowing what to expect. But looking back, I'm so glad I did because I met some lifelong friends in the process.

Here are the top 15 things I was surprised to learn from living with roommates.

1. You automatically acquire a whole new wardrobe.


Odds are that someone you live with wears the same size as you. And it opens up a world of possibilities.

2. Everything in the general living space is fair game, and can and will be used by your roommates.


Food, games, appliances, cleaning supplies, etc. If it's out, it will be used by someone.

3. You will often get texted, "Can you let me in?"


You'll forget your key sometimes. So will they. Getting locked out of the apartment isn't uncommon, and neither is getting this text.

4. If you share a room with someone, you will often wake them up without meaning to.


Sometimes the person you share a room with will have a completely different work and sleep schedule than you. And in such a small space, the alarms and the lights on while one of you is getting ready is probably going to wake them up. Even if you're being extra quiet and doing your makeup in the dark.

5. You will start to feel like you know your roommates' families like your own.


You hear about them all the time. You know their names. You're in the room when they're on the phone or Face-timing. After a while, you'll start to feel like they're your family too.

6. They will be able to tell when you're in a mood.


You're around your roommates all the time, so if something is going on with you, they're going to notice.

7. There's always someone to cry to.


There's a lot of crying involved in college. Your roommates know that firsthand. And if you need to cry in front of them, there will never be judgement.

8. Study sessions with your roommates often turn into Taco Bell runs.


The answer to, "Wanna go get food?" will most likely never be no.

9. They'll always support your bad decisions.

Kristin Madaj

No matter how crazy or irrational of a decision you're making, they'll always think it's a good idea and probably do it with you. You need these kind of people in your life.

10. When you live with someone who you end up not getting along with, it makes things very awkward.

Kristin Madaj

Sometimes, things will happen and you'll end up having some big issues with a roommate. It might even lead to not speaking to them anymore. This makes the situation very awkward to live in, and there's really not much you can do about it.

11. Your roommate group chat will be a nonstop conversation.

Kristin Madaj

Sometimes it's relevant conversation, but most of the time it's just nonsense. And I love it.

12. Your sleep schedules will be way different. Or they'll end up syncing up.


"OMG how did it get to be 4 a.m.??" If you hang out with your roommates enough, you might start adopting the same weird sleep schedule, maybe without even meaning to. But differences in work and class schedules can cause your sleep patterns to be totally different. They're all over the place.

13. You always have someone to hang out with.

Kristin Madaj

You'll never have to feel lonely when you have roommates, because there's almost always someone to do things with.

14. You will be each other's taxi sometimes.


It's just something you do. Roommates are really good for giving rides when you need them. And they know they can count on you to give them too!

15. If you get close with them, you have probably made a friend for life.

Kristin Madaj

At the end of the day, the experiences I've had with my roommates have helped make me who I am today. Even with the mistakes and missteps and going in agreeing to live with complete strangers, I've come out knowing that no matter where I go from here, some of them will always have my back. And that's way more than I can ask from a roommate.

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12 Things Only Low-Maintenance Girls Understand

I promise we aren’t lazy, just easy going.

Sometimes low-maintenance girls are looked at as lazy or sloppy. But in reality, I think low-maintenance girls are just so confident in who they are that putting in that extra effort isn't important to them.

Here are 12 things that only low-maintenance girls understand:

1. Leggings or sweat pants and a T-shirt is your normal everyday outfit

Why spend the day uncomfortable in some tight jeans or mini skirt when you can lounge around in some comfy clothes? We aren't here to impress anyone, we are just trying to sit back and chill.

2. Makeup is a special occasion

If you catch a low-maintenance girl with makeup on, take it as a compliment. We are trying to touch our face and rub our eyes as much as we'd like without makeup getting in the way. Not to mention, we wouldn't dare spend over $15 on some foundation.

3. We would rather stay in with a movie then go out for the evening

Something low-key and low stress always sounds better than spending the time, and the money, for a night out. I am perfectly content with taking advantage of my $7.99 monthly payment for Netflix.

4. You're always the first one ready

While your friends spend hours doing their hair, makeup and then finding the perfect outfit, you sit around and wait. Your 10 minutes thrown-together-look gives you time to nap while everyone else takes their sweet time.

5. When you say you "don't care what we do," you really don't care

Seriously, a date night off the McDonald's dollar menu is fine by me. I am not expecting you to wine and dine me on a big extravagant evening, I'm just trying to get a Big Mac in my mouth.

6. Your messy bun isn't a fashion statement, it's actually just your hairstyle

We aren't about to spend time curling or straightening our hair everyday. Every day is a good day to throw your hair up into a ponytail or bun.

7. The extent of your jewelry collection is one pair of earrings and maybe a necklace

Who needs more than one pair of earrings? Diamond studs match everything… right?

8. And your shoe collection is even smaller

Should I wear flip-flops or Converse?

9. Shopping isn't exactly your favorite thing to do

Who has patience for finding the perfect designer brands or finding the best fit? I am perfectly content with my T-shirts and leggings. One size fits all.

10. Your favorite gifts are the sentimental ones, not the expensive ones

A homemade card or a small gift that makes someone think of you is forever better and more meaningful than an expensive present. I don't want your money, I just want to know you thought of me.

11. You don't put in the effort to chase after a guy

I'm awesome and I know it. If a guy is worth it enough to be in my life, he can come after me. I am not down for any games or players. Just someone who embraces my low-maintenance qualities.

12. You are always the first person to help someone out

Giving your friends a ride or lending them two dollars isn't a huge deal. Just helping someone out gives you peace of mind. Everyone should have time to help a homie out.

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5 Cute Dorm Decor Ideas For The Broke College Student That Loves To Decorate

Having a tapestry is one of the easiest ways to change the look and feel of your dorm room.


I know I struggled with figuring out how I was going to afford to decorate my room after buying all the essentials I needed first. So, I compiled this short list of different cheap and some DIY decor ideas for any broke college student. Some tips I recommend for getting cheap dorm room decor is looking on Pinterest for DIY decor ideas, going to the dollar store, and hoping your mom or other family members send you decorations.

1. Tapestries

Having a tapestry is one of the easiest ways to change the look and feel of your dorm room. Since they take up a large section of the wall, it will feel less like a prison since the cinder blocks will be covered. Also, there are so many options, which allows you to express yourself with no problem. For example, there is a tapestry with the letter from, the television show, Jersey Shore that has the letter they wrote to Sam about Ron cheating on it. Furthermore, it will make it easier to match whatever colors your roommate's decorations are. Although, some colleges do have a size limit for the tapestry or just do not allow them.

2. Dry erase board

This is an easy and cheap DIY project that will not take much time. All you need is a picture frame and a white background for inside the frame. This allows you to choose how big or small you want the dry erase board to be and it also allows you to place them wherever you want. For instance, if you go with a 4x6 frame, then you can place it on your desk or even hang it with command strips on the wall.

3. Christmas/twinkle lights

This is probably one of the cheapest ways to make your dorm room feel more like home. My roommate and I have accumulated about 10 strings of different colored string lights, and they give the room a more home-like feel because they are warmer lights and they allow us to turn off the fluorescent lights the school provides. I know you are thinking, "10 strands of lights??? Isn't that expensive???" It may appear that way, but we either got them on sale at Target, brought them from our room back home, or my mom bought them at the dollar store (We mostly bought them at the dollar store).

String lights also can be bought for any holiday to spice up the room. For instance, my roommate and I have orange ones for fall, green and purple ones for Halloween, and colorful ones for Christmas. If you are looking for a spring look, you can make "rosebud lights." Rosebud lights are LED string lights with fabric wrapped around the lights to give them a flower-like appearance.

4. Bulletin board

Bulletin boards are an inexpensive way to hang all your pictures and mementos from throughout the year or from memories back home. For instance, on my bulletin board, I have pictures of family, friends, and my boyfriend, which are mementos from back home. I also have football tickets, my bid day card (from rushing a sorority), Polaroid pictures, and many other things that I have collected over my first year of college. You could even start the year with a blank bulletin board and fill it up throughout the year for a more authentic experience. Also, you can print your pictures from the website Free Prints, which allows you only to pay the shipping fee on the photos and save money instead of spending a fortune at Walgreens or other companies.

5. Tie-dye white bed sheets

This is a fun way to create your own look instead of sticking with what the stores and websites have to offer. You can use any colors you want and follow the decorations on the kit. I did this for my sheets back home, and it did not turn out the way I imagined, but it is because I did not use cotton sheets. However, I helped my friend tie-dye her sheets for her dorm, and they turned out much better because not only did we use more color, but we also used cotton sheets. So, this means you could even create your own colors for the sheets and have a unique and fun look for your side of the dorm room.

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