Earlier this summer, I got sunburned fairly badly. This is pretty common for me, and the pattern each summer seems to be get burnt bad once, and then be super protective for the rest of the summer. Well history has repeated itself and after the initial burn, I have become the King Of Coverage, the Sergeant of SPF, the Prince of Protection. You get it. However, every once and a while I forget to go to the store and restock my supply of that sweet sweet sun block. In these situations, I always just panic, cancel plans, the whole 9 yards to keep myself away from the sun. No longer. After extensive research, I have found 13 alternative methods so you can still have a fun day in the sun, even without the blockage to back it up.

1. Bite the bullet and wear some clothing

Nobody wants to be the one with a full suit on the beach, but sometimes its what it takes to keep your skin safe. Wear any clothing that covers as much skin as possible and you will be protected from those harsh UV rays.

2. Bring an umbrella

This one is a little more reasonable. With an umbrella, you can pack on the go shade no matter where you are, and dare I say be stylish while you do it.

3. Bury yourself in sand

Can't get burnt when you're covered to your neck in sand. Simple as that.

4. Towel over your body

Towel=Blanket=No burn

5. Regular lotion

A lot of people don't know that regular skin lotion does EXACTLY the same thing as sunscreen. SPF 100 no less. Don't look it up, this article should be credible enough.

6. Toothpaste

From experience, whitening works best.

7. Grow out your body hair

8. Cling wrap

Just wrap that stuff all over yourself. Blocks every UV ray within a mile radius.

9. Mud

10. The fluid from a Magic 8 Ball

This sounds dumb but trust me. Don't look it up just crack that 8 Ball open.

11. Aluminum Foil

1 word. Reflective.

12. Summon clouds through pagan rituals

We all have a pagan friend, or even a voodoo doctor friend. Politely ask them to summon clouds in whatever way they can. This one has gotten me out of a lot of jams.

13. Just stay inside but look out the window.

Pretty much the same experience. P