Life is not always good.

Sometimes it takes all

You can do to get out of bed.

But you do.

You get out of bed.

And although you can’t see it

From your bed

Locked inside your mind

The sun still shines

In the sky.

Life does not work in your favor

Change happens

And it seems like

Your world is crashing

And you can't go on.

But you do.

You keep on breathing

And with each passing day

You start to see

The sun

Peeking through

The white blinds.

Life will never be perfect

But today

For just.



It feels glorious.

And the sun

Is warming your back

As you laugh.

Laying in the grass

With those who

Make you the happiest.

The sun will only be out

For a few more hours

But you want

This feeling

To last forever.