14 Gifs Of Pigs That Will Speak To Your Summer

14 Pig Gifs That Will Sum Up Every Single One Of Your Ridiculous Summertime Shenanigans

Because we all need more piglets and sunshine in our lives


If you know me, you know that I'm a huge fan of pigs and I'm a huge fan of summertime. And if we're being honest, what better thing is there than to combine those two?

Enjoy these 14 pig gifs!

1. When you're in the mood to swim but the water is still too cold


This is the REAL struggle.

2. When you're drying off from said cold pool


At least you gave it a shot, and hey, at least you got a use out of your cute beach towel.

3. When you're moving fast on the hot pavement because you didn't wear shoes


And no matter how many times we experience this, we never learn.

4. When you have time to ~treat yo'self~ to a nice bath or face mask


Bonus points if it's a mud mask.

5. When you go on a mini summer clothes shopping spree


There's no better place to strut your stuff than in front of a dressing room mirror.

6. When you get to enjoy ALL the fruit that's now in season


Because 1) it's delicious and 2) you've got a summer body to keep in check

7. When you and squad take a mini beach vacation


Okay this might look more like Spring break but just look at these swimming pigs!

8. When you finally get to go inside and into the AC


There's nothing better than walking into a cool, air conditioned building after you've been sweating in the sun for a few hours.

9. When you just tag along with whatever plans everyone else has made


Because unless you're working or taking Summer classes, there usually isn't a whole lot to do.

10. When you bug your friends to hang out when they're busy


What do you mean you can't just not show up to work to eat an ice pop and watch a movie with me?

11. When your friends bug you to hang out when you're busy


Because ice pops and movies are great, but usually a paycheck is greater.

12. When you can take ALL the Summertime naps


Catch up on those zzzs!

13. When you try to discretely eat sweets to trick your summer body into not noticing the extra calories


Guilty as charged.

14. Cute bonus pig gif


Isn't it just the cutest?

Happy Summertime!

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