8 Tips For Falling In Love With Yourself This Summer
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8 Tips For Falling Head Over Heels In Love With Yourself This Summer

Leave negative self-talk in part one of 2020.

8 Tips For Falling Head Over Heels In Love With Yourself This Summer
Amber Armstrong

We've all had that moment of utter panic. Seeing swimsuit advertisements appear in magazines and in store windows, having the wind knocked out of us when thinking about trying one on. Or catching yourself criticizing how your hips look or the way your hair tangles after walking in the rain. Maybe you have started caring more about what people think than you'd like.

I am here to tell you to leave this negativity in early 2020, throw away the key and destroy the parts of your brain that decided you're unlovable or not worthy of having what you truly want.

I say let's stop this criticism and love the people we were born to be. Stop letting society and the negativity you have placed on yourself determine the love you feel for your body and mind. Take back the love you lost for the person you are today.

Well, I want you to look on this summer with a clear mind and an open/vulnerable heart to fall in love with every curve and stretch mark that covers your body. Fall in love with your mind and the imagination and creativity you are blessed with.

Here are some summer 2020 tips/steps to falling in love with your body over the next few months:

1. Do more things alone.

Something I personally do is go to coffee shops (where I usually write these articles you stumble across), sit, and enjoy my own company. You NEED to be comfortable with your silence and own thoughts in order to accept yourself fully. Go get lunch alone and bring a book or listen to a podcast. Educate yourself on new topics and the news while discovering who you are as a person.

2. Single? Stay that way.

If you are in a wonderful, loving relationship, good for you for finding someone who loves you the way we all hope to be loved one day. But, like me, I want to focus on my own self-care without having to worry about another person. Relationships add a whole other element that I do NOT want to bring into my life right now. I can safely say I have always been happier when I am not seeing someone or having a "thing" with another person. Some may argue this is because I haven't found someone who treats me with the utmost respect (which is very true) but I do think taking time to grow and figure out what you want is just as important as finding someone.

3. Be gentle with your body.

Make sure you are giving your body what it needs. Now I am not saying buyout Target's section of face masks or get that pint of Ben & Jerry's (unless that will help your self-growth). I mean journaling, resting, and repeating this cycle in order to give your body time to heal or grow from whatever is going on in your life right now (maybe even buy a vibrator, why not). The current world seems like a blur and I know that can be strenuous on us even if we aren't involved with it directly.

4. Use exercise as a tool.

I personally LOVE working out. I have become a huge fan of running (yikes, I know) and it allows me to power through issues in my life. It has worked as a tool in order to plug my Airpods in and leave the world behind for an hour. As the gyms reopen, practice social distancing and give yourself a much-needed weightlifting session in order to prove you're as strong as hell, women, because you ARE.

5. Trust yourself and the process.

I cannot count the number of times this year I didn't listen to my gut about a relationship, situation, or health issue that led to worsened consequences. I do believe we all have an intuition in order to benefit us. DO NOT ignore what your gut is telling you. A lot of rollercoasters of emotions have flooded all of our lives these past few months. Whether you are trying to heal from something or learning to adapt to the new world, we all need to give ourselves the gift of trust and reassurance. Learn to trust your body and the vibes it gives off in order to gage things that pop up in your life.

6. Develop a new habit or routine.

Buy your favorite chocolate, go get a venti latte for the hell of it, and buy that hair mask you have wanted for months. I have started buying myself flowers and salmon (weird combination, I agree) every week in order to give myself love inside and out. I started putting on a facemask three times a week and drinking a homemade latte every day in order to have something to look forward to in this weird world we are living in right now.

7. Finally, set a goal to work toward.

With the current state of the world, I realized I needed to figure out a goal in order to have something to look forward to. Maybe it's conquering the splits or getting through all Fifty Shades of Grey books (hey, I'm not one to judge). I started this stay-at-home order with the intention of figuring out how to run without wanting to throw up. Now I have the goal of running a half marathon by the end of this summer. I promise you having goals, even small everyday ones, will keep your mind focused and on the bigger picture.

I need to take my own advice and start working on a few of these things I discussed above. You deserve to fall madly in love with yourself the same way you would with a future partner. I know relationships I have had in the past ended due to the confidence in myself being minimal. Making small steps to loving who you are will benefit yourself and people you come into contact with in the near future.

Make peace with yourself and enjoy every aspect of your being. Here's to acts of self-care!

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