Between having full, maxed out semester schedules during the school year, the last thing us college students want to do is sign up to take more classes during the warm summer months that were made for fun, sun, and relaxation. But, if it means graduating in four years, I guess it's what has to happen. At least we can all struggle together and bond over the fact that we are all in this together.

1. "Why. Did. I. Sign. Up. For. This?"

Homework Giphy

I guess it could be worse?

2. "It's better than taking it during the school year."

positive Giphy


3. "Well, at least I can use Google on the tests."

Google Giphy

Helping us get that A...right!?

4. "Ugh, I wish I had friends in this class."

Friends Giphy

Thoughts such as, "I wonder what others thought of the test", or "how much did my peers write for number four?" could be easily answered if I could just text someone for help and advice!

5. "I wonder how much I can get done in one night..."

Procrastination Giphy

It's fine, I'm fine, I can do homework, two quizzes, and a test before 11:59.

6. "Okay, if I do an hour now, some at work, I can come home and be done by midnight."

No sleep Giphy

Time management, class, sleep, work, class, no particular order…

7. "How many new coffee shops can I find?"

Luke's Diner Giphy

Wait, when did that corner get a Starbucks? Don't we already have like 20 in this town?

8. "Can I watch Netflix and do homework at the same time?"

Netflix Giphy

Multi-tasking to the extreme!

You got this! Don't let anything get in your way...Google is there to help you get that A! Keep on top of deadlines and balance some fun into your crazy schedule too!