Summer is all about enjoying the beautiful weather and the great outdoors, so why should it have to cost us money? There are so many different ways to make the best of your warm weather months while using little to no money, and you can even have more fun in the process! Whether the sun in shining or the rain is pouring against the windows, there is always something to do. Here's a list of 30 fun, inexpensive things to try out this summer by yourself or with friends and family!

1. Go on a picnic and find a spot with a view

2. Spend a day exploring nature and go on a hike

3. Do a 4th of July photo shoot

4. Set up a time each week to play a sport with friends

5. Make tie-dye shirts, bandanas, or any other type of clothing

6. Plan a BBQ and make sure there's corn on the cob

7. Take a drive to the beach, go for a walk, and collect shells

8. Decorate a mason jar and fill it with the shells you collect

9. Go strawberry or blueberry picking

10. Blow bubbles and try to get your dog to catch them

11. Find a quaint town to spend the day in

12. Take a trip down a river or around a lake in a kayak or canoe

13. Play manhunt at night — It never gets old

14. Lay out in the grass and stargaze

15. Go for long drives until you're able to watch the sunset

16. Play wiffle ball or volleyball barefoot in the yard

17. Go watch fireworks whenever possible

18. Plan a day to bike ride through some trails

19. Find as many little kid's lemonade stands as possible and buy some from them

20. Chase down the ice-cream man

21. Lay out by the pool and listen to your favorite music

22. Take your dog for a walk

23. Cover your driveway in chalk masterpieces

24. Set up a hammock between the trees, relax, and maybe even read

25. Go camping, but in your backyard for a change

26. Break out the cards and board games on those stormy nights

27. Make s'mores and hotdogs around the campfire

28. Check out your local farmer's market, or try to find a new one out of town

29. Make your own popsicles and try different recipes and flavors

30. Catch up with as many old friends as possible, and do something different with each of them