Summer Bucket List For Tulsa, OK

Summer Bucket List For Tulsa, OK

Don't be bored this summer.

The stress of the end of the semester is hitting students all over the world. It's time to focus on finals and do our best to keep our grades up. Luckily, summer is right around the corner! As summer quickly approaches, it's time to decide what we are going to fill our summer days doing. We want to make sure our days are packed with fun before we go back to reality in the fall. Are you worried about being bored? Have no fear! If you live in Tulsa, Oklahoma, I have the perfect summer bucket list for you!

1. Josh's Sno Shack

There's nothing better than cooling off from the summer heat by enjoying one of the many flavors of sno cones you can find at Josh's Sno Shack. My personal favorite is the Summer Lovin' that is cranberry, lemon and peach.

2. Tulsa Zoo

What's better than reliving your childhood memories and taking a trip to the zoo? It's the perfect idea for a family day during the summer. Go see the variety of incredible animals the zoo has to offer. Visit the petting zoo and see the animals up close.

3. Philbrook Museum of Art

If you want to have an educational day, visit the Philbrook Museum of Art. They have amazing pieces of artwork and their garden is breathtaking. Their garden is the perfect place to take summer pictures.

4. Cain's Ballroom

Have some fun this summer by going to a concert. This is a great experience to go see one of your favorite bands or discover new bands! This iconic venue in Tulsa never fails to disappoint.

5. Gypsy Coffee House

Visiting local coffee houses this summer is the perfect way to meet new people. What's better than meeting new people while you get to drink great coffee? My personal favorite is to just keep it simple and get an iced vanilla latte.

6. Big Splash Water Park

Do you need a way to cool off this summer? Go visit Big Splash Water Park! Even if you're not a fan of big water slides, go float in the lazy river over and over again. They have different areas for every age and a variety of pools to enjoy.

7. Oklahoma Aquarium

If it's super hot outside, the Oklahoma Aquarium is the perfect place to still have fun while you're inside. They have a great collection of sea creatures that you definitely will want to check out.

8. Turkey Mountain

If you like hiking, biking, running and exploring then you should spend the day at Turkey Mountain. Enjoy the great outdoors and the beautiful view.

9. Center of the Universe

If you've never gone to check out the Center of the Universe, you have to at least go see it once. It's a concrete circle that comes with a legend. According to the legend, if you stand in the circle, the people outside of the circle can't here what you say. Go test it and see if the legend is true.

10. Guthrie Green

You definitely have to visit Guthrie Green many times during the summer. They are always having fun events like concerts, workouts, food trucks and movies in the park. Day and night there is always something going on.

11. Utica Square

Who doesn't love a little retail therapy? Go visit Utica Square for all of your fashion needs. They have a variety of high end stores that you can spend all your money in.

12. Tulsa Drillers

The perfect way to spend a summer day is to watch America's favorite pastime: baseball. Go to ONEOK field and watch a game of baseball. If the game ends at night they usually end the game with a great firework show.

13. Dust Bowl Lanes & Lounge

The Dust Bowl Lanes & Lounge is the perfect place to go bowling. It's a retro-inspired tribute to the classic bowling alleys of the 1970s in the heart of Tulsa's Blue Dome District.

14. Woodward Park

Spend the day in this public park and botanical garden. It's a great place to spend the day with nature. If you like to take pictures, this is a great place for that!

15. Golden Driller

The Golden Driller is one of the tallest statues in America. All Tulsans know about this statue that you definitely can't miss. It is one of the icons of Tulsa. It's a symbol of the International Petroleum Exposition.

Cover Image Credit: Nick and Colie

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Learn Something Valuable From These 7 European Countries

When you are surrounded by chocolate, treat yourself.

America is a big country. So large that some parts of the country are so diverse they may as well be in different worlds, yet, American soil will always have one uniting factor: The American Dream. So, if we have an idea that enables synonymity in our vast country then that means that as different as some American counterparts may seem, we also share much of the same. This is why international travel is so important.

In fact, global traveling is more feasible then some may think, and can help shape your life in tremendous ways. So, here are seven life lessons there are to learn from those other international communities, specifically seven countries from Europe.

1. Spain: Be diverse in your choices

The Spanish are famous for their “tapas”. If you spend time in Spain then you will undoubtedly encounter this diversified little meal. Tapas are essentially small little plates (or tasters) of different dishes. This thereby encourages making choices that consist of variety, reinforcing to those who are creatures of habit to try something new!

2. England: Spend time outdoors

Take a trip to England and you will be surrounded by areas of preserved green space. When walking the streets of London you can expect every other block to be an area reserved for a small community park, not to mention the tremendously large parks in London, like Hyde Park. This dedicated space for outdoor enjoyment encourages people to get out of their homes and go move around in the parks.

3. Belgium: Treat yourself

Oh, the Belgium chocolate. Belgium is world renowned for having excellent, gourmet chocolate. Must I say any more? Treat yourself! With a chocolatier shop on every corner, it’s hard to miss.

4. The Netherlands: Exercise

When people think of Amsterdam, they often think of bicycles. Boy, is that true. Bicycles rule the road in the Netherlands, especially the populated city of Amsterdam. It is not uncommon to see elegantly dressed women, mothers with newborns, or toddlers cycling along the busy streets. Take a page from the Dutch way of life and try using your bicycle as your main mode of transportation.

5. Germany: Learn a foreign language

The German language is a bit abstract to English speakers. Which means if you do not speak German, then you will be playing charades to find your way through the German homeland. Some regions consist of seasoned English speakers, but do not plan on it. Take this as a mental note to learn a new language.

6. Italy: Eat good food

Italian food. Yum. The Italians know how to achieve high-quality life through their beautiful leisurely vacation destinations, fine art scene, and AMAZING FOOD. Take a trip to Italy, eat good food, and come home realizing you should treat your taste buds better then you have.

7. Denmark: Don’t take candy from strangers

Allow me to clarify something: the Danish are very sweet and kind people. Their candy will not actually cause damage to your body in terms of being toxic, but your taste buds will revolt unless you like salted black licorice.

Cover Image Credit: Jazmine Kelleher

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7 Places I've Gotten To Visit Thanks To Being Involved On Campus

Oh, the places you'll go!

Something that I've always been passionate about is campus involvement and throughout my college career, I have been able to get involved with many diverse organizations and clubs at Texas Tech. One of the greatest benefits of being involved with student organizations is getting the opportunity to travel to places you have never gotten to visit before. Here are seven of my favorites!

1. Oklahoma City, OK

Quite recently, I traveled to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma with the Texas Tech Court Jesters, the university's official athletic band, to attend the Big XII Women's Basketball tournament and cheer on the Lady Raider Basketball team. While it may not be the most extravagant destination, it was definitely cool! My favorite memory is getting to explore Bricktown. Bricktown was like a mini Riverwalk that reminded me of the real one that I grew up visiting in San Antonio, TX.

2. Stillwater, OK

I traveled to Stillwater, OK back in 2014 on my first ever trip with the Goin' Band from Raiderland for the Tech vs. OSU football game. This being my first trip with the Goin' Band, I have such fond memories of getting to see another major school of the Big XII conference and getting to experience what game day was like at another major university.

3. Norman, OK

Last Oklahoma one— I promise! Also known as enemy territory, I traveled to Norman the semester after my trip to Sweetwater to attend the North American Saxophone Alliance regional conference at the University of Oklahoma. I know this may be frowned upon— and my loyalty still lies with the most beautiful campus in the world, Texas Tech University— but this school was absolutely gorgeous. The conference was pretty cool too, but the highlight of this trip was definitely the classic, regal architecture featured at OU.

4. Birmingham, AL

This trip is one of the more recent ones. I traveled to Birmingham in December with the Goin' Band to support the Texas Tech football team as they competed in the Birmingham Bowl. Again, maybe not the coolest destination, but who doesn't love 16-hour bus rides on Christmas Eve with 400 of your best friends? Aside from the treacherous trek, Birmingham was actually pretty cool! Some friends and I got to explore this really trendy area of downtown Birmingham, and we even made some new friends!

5. Angel Fire, NM

I have actually made the trip to Angel Fire several times with my fraternity, Kappa Kappa Psi and sister sorority, Tau Beta Sigma. Every spring, the two organizations founded on scholarship, music, and service would travel to Angel Fire for our annual ski retreat. Not only was this my first time visiting New Mexico, it was also the first time I had gotten to ski—that's another story. The mountainous regions of New Mexico are astounding, and the sunsets are truly incredible.

6. Boulder, CO

This is easily one of my favorite destinations to travel to. I had the opportunity to travel to Boulder in the spring of 2016 with the Texas Tech Symphonic Band. Boulder was the final stop on our tour of Colorado, which also consisted of stops in Pueblo and Colorado Springs. In Boulder, we attended the College Band Director's National Association Regional Conference hosted at Colorado University-Boulder. While in Boulder, we got to explore the beautiful campus of Colorado University and the trendy area known as Pearl Street.

7. Boston, MA

This was definitely the coolest trip I have been on in my college career and one of my new favorite cities. I traveled to Boston last month with the Tech Court Jesters to attend the Sweet Sixteen round of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament with the Texas Tech basketball team. I immediately fell in love with the history that this city oozes with. A trip to Boston is kind of like a trip to the past that also gives you a glimpse into the future with its cutting-edge style. That and the food anywhere you go is fantastic.

Without campus involvement, I probably would have never received these opportunities. I got to see places I've never seen before and got to make some pretty incredible memories along the way. Oh, and another benefit about traveling with these organizations: per diem. Getting free money to spend in these really cool places? Sign me up! I can't wait to see where else I'll go!

Cover Image Credit: Author's photo

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