Summer Bucket List For Tulsa, OK

Summer Bucket List For Tulsa, OK

Don't be bored this summer.

The stress of the end of the semester is hitting students all over the world. It's time to focus on finals and do our best to keep our grades up. Luckily, summer is right around the corner! As summer quickly approaches, it's time to decide what we are going to fill our summer days doing. We want to make sure our days are packed with fun before we go back to reality in the fall. Are you worried about being bored? Have no fear! If you live in Tulsa, Oklahoma, I have the perfect summer bucket list for you!

1. Josh's Sno Shack

There's nothing better than cooling off from the summer heat by enjoying one of the many flavors of sno cones you can find at Josh's Sno Shack. My personal favorite is the Summer Lovin' that is cranberry, lemon and peach.

2. Tulsa Zoo

What's better than reliving your childhood memories and taking a trip to the zoo? It's the perfect idea for a family day during the summer. Go see the variety of incredible animals the zoo has to offer. Visit the petting zoo and see the animals up close.

3. Philbrook Museum of Art

If you want to have an educational day, visit the Philbrook Museum of Art. They have amazing pieces of artwork and their garden is breathtaking. Their garden is the perfect place to take summer pictures.

4. Cain's Ballroom

Have some fun this summer by going to a concert. This is a great experience to go see one of your favorite bands or discover new bands! This iconic venue in Tulsa never fails to disappoint.

5. Gypsy Coffee House

Visiting local coffee houses this summer is the perfect way to meet new people. What's better than meeting new people while you get to drink great coffee? My personal favorite is to just keep it simple and get an iced vanilla latte.

6. Big Splash Water Park

Do you need a way to cool off this summer? Go visit Big Splash Water Park! Even if you're not a fan of big water slides, go float in the lazy river over and over again. They have different areas for every age and a variety of pools to enjoy.

7. Oklahoma Aquarium

If it's super hot outside, the Oklahoma Aquarium is the perfect place to still have fun while you're inside. They have a great collection of sea creatures that you definitely will want to check out.

8. Turkey Mountain

If you like hiking, biking, running and exploring then you should spend the day at Turkey Mountain. Enjoy the great outdoors and the beautiful view.

9. Center of the Universe

If you've never gone to check out the Center of the Universe, you have to at least go see it once. It's a concrete circle that comes with a legend. According to the legend, if you stand in the circle, the people outside of the circle can't here what you say. Go test it and see if the legend is true.

10. Guthrie Green

You definitely have to visit Guthrie Green many times during the summer. They are always having fun events like concerts, workouts, food trucks and movies in the park. Day and night there is always something going on.

11. Utica Square

Who doesn't love a little retail therapy? Go visit Utica Square for all of your fashion needs. They have a variety of high end stores that you can spend all your money in.

12. Tulsa Drillers

The perfect way to spend a summer day is to watch America's favorite pastime: baseball. Go to ONEOK field and watch a game of baseball. If the game ends at night they usually end the game with a great firework show.

13. Dust Bowl Lanes & Lounge

The Dust Bowl Lanes & Lounge is the perfect place to go bowling. It's a retro-inspired tribute to the classic bowling alleys of the 1970s in the heart of Tulsa's Blue Dome District.

14. Woodward Park

Spend the day in this public park and botanical garden. It's a great place to spend the day with nature. If you like to take pictures, this is a great place for that!

15. Golden Driller

The Golden Driller is one of the tallest statues in America. All Tulsans know about this statue that you definitely can't miss. It is one of the icons of Tulsa. It's a symbol of the International Petroleum Exposition.

Cover Image Credit: Nick and Colie

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Finding Happiness In A Trip Back To The Motherland

A state of being only becomes once we set our minds to it.

We all crave happiness. We seem to find happiness as though it’s a unique object to be discovered and treasured. We are constantly riding the journey to attach this state of being to tangible objects.

However, being back in the motherland provided me with a different perspective.

One of my favorite cities in India is Mumbai. As my sister is getting engaged in Chennai, my family and I decided to make a stop at Mumbai before heading to the extravagant ceremony. It had been more than 10 years since I visited the city of Bollywood and I was thrilled to return to this beautiful city.

As I set foot on the road outside the airport, I smelled the crisp air that was unique to the city. Seeing the unbeatable traffic, hearing everyone honk their car horns, and witnessing the motorcycles drive in a zigzag manner, I was reminded of the civilians' comfort with the lack of structure and organization.

We were fighting our jetlag as we stepped out to explore the city and devour in authentic Indian food. The buildings seemed old and the roads were filled with objects I was unable to identify but I sensed the same invigorating energy I felt about a decade ago. The breeze blew my hair and men sold fresh coconut water on every other street we turned. These small aspects seemed to draw big smiles on my face.

When we reached the lobby of our hotel, the staff members wore traditional white and golden sarees and veshtis in the spirit of Pongal, a festival celebrated in the southern part of India. The chefs had a different menu consisting of Southern Indian delicacies in light of the festival. I was surprised to see local Mumbaikars celebrating festivals and embracing cultures from different parts of India.

Although we covered a majority of the places in our itinerary, my heart sank as we headed back to the airport. Sitting in the plane and departing the beautiful city made me realize the pure essence of happiness.

Happiness can be found anywhere. No matter where we are or what we are surrounded by, being happy stems from within.

We carry the emotion of joy in our hearts no matter where we set our foot in this world. It’s simply due to our ability to channel that specific emotion we claim ourselves to be happy and radiate positivity.

Our happy endings are destined to occur if we set our minds to it.

Cover Image Credit: Unsplash

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Be Respectful, Always, Especially At A Place Of Reflection

It’s not your right to be able to experience these places, but a privilege.

A couple weeks ago, my mom and I toured all over Berlin, Germany. We saw amazing art and shopped a lot, but mostly we learned about the history of Germany. There is so much to learn about Germany, and it’s incredible to have been at the site where so much happened. I had such a wonderful time while in Berlin; however, I was disappointed to see how disrespectful some people were being while visiting these sites.

At the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, there are large blocks of many sizes and different paths to walk through. The site is similar to a maze, where you get lost in it and have a hard time getting out because there are gates and multiple paths on a huge space of land. The memorial is up for interpretation, but to me, I saw it as each block resembling one of the Jews killed.

Each block being a different size showed that they were all different, but the one thing they had in common was being Jewish. While I was at the memorial, I was disgusted to see people stepping and standing on the blocks. This was a memorial for Jews who were MURDERED, and people were stepping on them. To me, this was massively disrespectful, and I was honestly embarrassed to be near these people.

Underneath the Memorial, there was an exhibit where each person held a remote and listened to a speaker. Each room had different videos, pictures, maps, and words related to the Holocaust. One of the rooms, called the Room of Names, showed a name on the wall while the person's story was explained. The room was (mostly) silent, besides the speaker. When I was in the Room of Names, I was shocked to see a group of people on their phones chatting and laughing while playing games. I found it inappropriate to be on a cell phone in the exhibit, as well as laughing in such a serious space.

The East Side Gallery, a memorial for freedom, is a long piece of the Berlin Wall, decorated and painted in different sections. Each section portrays a different picture/painting of something representing freedom to the artists. Many sections were vandalized, and I found one to be extremely disturbing. A person wrote about Donald Trump over a piece of artwork. Vandalism is never OK, especially at a place with such an important history. Seeing this really bothered me because the fact that it’s in English and is talking about my president makes it likely that this person is from America. This could give off that American tourists are disrespectful and ungrateful for their freedoms, and I don’t want to be associated with that.

The Jewish Museum was set up very strategically so that on the bottom floor one axis had information on the walls about exile in Berlin, and the other axis was all about the Holocaust. The top floor had an exhibit about Jerusalem. At the end of the Holocaust axis, there was a room with thousands of metal pieces shaped like faces on the ground. Each face represented one of the thousands of Jews who had died. People were walking through the piece and stepping on the faces. Although many were kids, there were adults as well, with full knowledge of what they were doing.This seemed absurd to me, being that those are representing real people, and they should not be walked all over like they once were.

One of the most important parts of my trip was going to the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp. Although most of the camp had to be rebuilt since the war, it was set up to look the same and to give visitors a feel of what it was like to be there at the time. Being there was so surreal and so heartbreaking. Visiting a concentration camp is not supposed to be a fun activity. It’s a very sad experience but so important. In my tour group, there was one family in particular that stood out as not taking this experience as seriously as needed. During the tour, this family was smoking and throwing cigarettes on the ground. We were at a concentration camp, not a garbage dump. They also took pictures of each other smiling in the different rooms and areas we were shown. They took pictures constantly, which was not only distracting, but disturbing to see that they were smiling in the photos. Being at Sachsenhausen, I thought it disturbing to photograph most of it, especially the absolutely horrible stuff.

Getting to experience so many amazing and educational places in Berlin was truly life changing. We are lucky that people take the time to put together amazing places where we are able to learn about history and how the world came to be the way it is today. Reading about these events in a book does not compare to seeing them firsthand, and there’s always something more to be learned. When visiting important places such as these, remember to be respectful. It’s not your right to be able to experience these places, but a privilege.

Cover Image Credit: Stephanie Birnbaum

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