Summer Bucket List For Tulsa, OK

Summer Bucket List For Tulsa, OK

Don't be bored this summer.

The stress of the end of the semester is hitting students all over the world. It's time to focus on finals and do our best to keep our grades up. Luckily, summer is right around the corner! As summer quickly approaches, it's time to decide what we are going to fill our summer days doing. We want to make sure our days are packed with fun before we go back to reality in the fall. Are you worried about being bored? Have no fear! If you live in Tulsa, Oklahoma, I have the perfect summer bucket list for you!

1. Josh's Sno Shack

There's nothing better than cooling off from the summer heat by enjoying one of the many flavors of sno cones you can find at Josh's Sno Shack. My personal favorite is the Summer Lovin' that is cranberry, lemon and peach.

2. Tulsa Zoo

What's better than reliving your childhood memories and taking a trip to the zoo? It's the perfect idea for a family day during the summer. Go see the variety of incredible animals the zoo has to offer. Visit the petting zoo and see the animals up close.

3. Philbrook Museum of Art

If you want to have an educational day, visit the Philbrook Museum of Art. They have amazing pieces of artwork and their garden is breathtaking. Their garden is the perfect place to take summer pictures.

4. Cain's Ballroom

Have some fun this summer by going to a concert. This is a great experience to go see one of your favorite bands or discover new bands! This iconic venue in Tulsa never fails to disappoint.

5. Gypsy Coffee House

Visiting local coffee houses this summer is the perfect way to meet new people. What's better than meeting new people while you get to drink great coffee? My personal favorite is to just keep it simple and get an iced vanilla latte.

6. Big Splash Water Park

Do you need a way to cool off this summer? Go visit Big Splash Water Park! Even if you're not a fan of big water slides, go float in the lazy river over and over again. They have different areas for every age and a variety of pools to enjoy.

7. Oklahoma Aquarium

If it's super hot outside, the Oklahoma Aquarium is the perfect place to still have fun while you're inside. They have a great collection of sea creatures that you definitely will want to check out.

8. Turkey Mountain

If you like hiking, biking, running and exploring then you should spend the day at Turkey Mountain. Enjoy the great outdoors and the beautiful view.

9. Center of the Universe

If you've never gone to check out the Center of the Universe, you have to at least go see it once. It's a concrete circle that comes with a legend. According to the legend, if you stand in the circle, the people outside of the circle can't here what you say. Go test it and see if the legend is true.

10. Guthrie Green

You definitely have to visit Guthrie Green many times during the summer. They are always having fun events like concerts, workouts, food trucks and movies in the park. Day and night there is always something going on.

11. Utica Square

Who doesn't love a little retail therapy? Go visit Utica Square for all of your fashion needs. They have a variety of high end stores that you can spend all your money in.

12. Tulsa Drillers

The perfect way to spend a summer day is to watch America's favorite pastime: baseball. Go to ONEOK field and watch a game of baseball. If the game ends at night they usually end the game with a great firework show.

13. Dust Bowl Lanes & Lounge

The Dust Bowl Lanes & Lounge is the perfect place to go bowling. It's a retro-inspired tribute to the classic bowling alleys of the 1970s in the heart of Tulsa's Blue Dome District.

14. Woodward Park

Spend the day in this public park and botanical garden. It's a great place to spend the day with nature. If you like to take pictures, this is a great place for that!

15. Golden Driller

The Golden Driller is one of the tallest statues in America. All Tulsans know about this statue that you definitely can't miss. It is one of the icons of Tulsa. It's a symbol of the International Petroleum Exposition.

Cover Image Credit: Nick and Colie

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7 Signs You're From the 732

Only the best part of New Jersey.

If you're from New Jersey, you know how badly the state's looked down upon by outsiders (thanks a lot, Jersey Shore). But you know that all of those false accusations aren't true- the Garden State is your home and only you're allowed to make fun of it. Although Jersey's small, there are different regions and everyone thinks that their's is the best. Here are seven signs you're from the 732, AKA the best part of Jersey:

1. You know that Central Jersey is a place.

One of the biggest arguments is whether or not Central Jersey exists. I live in the middle of New Jersey, so it's pretty funny when people say it's not a real place. I'm not from South Jersey, and definitely not from North Jersey. Also, it's close to both Philadelphia and New York, not just one or the other. Perfect location.

2. Everywhere you go, you see a Wawa.

Legit everywhere, and you go there 24/7. All hail the holy grail.

3. Surf Taco means a lot to you.

Every time I come home from being away at school the first place I go to eat with my friends is Surf Taco. Even when I am home, Surf Taco's always on my mind. Who doesn't love a good taco with chips? P.S. I highly recommend their Teriyaki Chicken Taco, you won't regret it.

4. You go to all the summer concerts.

There's really nothing more fun than summer shows outside, and you already know that PNC Bank Arts Center and Stone Pony Summer Stage are the hot-spots. 'Tis the season of tailgating and enjoying a good show with your friends.

5. Two words: Pork. Roll.

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6. You live close to the beach...

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7. ...So you can easily spot a benny.

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Cover Image Credit: Wikimedia commons

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You Can Be Homesick For Somewhere That Isn't Home. That's Me For San Francisco

I miss San Francisco. Always. But can I say that I'm homesick when San Francisco isn't even my home?


San Francisco.

What is there not to love about San Francisco?

The weather is great. The food is great. The people are great. The baseball is great. Everything is great. It's weird because I love San Francisco so much and I'm actually a girl from southern California.

Yup, I'm that girl.

There's just this thing about The Bay that draws me in every single time.

Even though I've only been there three times before. And every time I go it's just an adventure and so many new memories are created that it makes me fuzzy inside. Like, do you ever have that nostalgia that hits every now and then about a place you've gone to visit? And like it's just that trip that you didn't know you needed until after you were heading back home?

Well, that's me with San Francisco.

Every time I go, I feel like my days in the city just go by so fast. Even if the memories I create are my favorite memories in the world. And that's the thing with San Francisco.

It is very easy to miss. You miss the weather, the food, the memories.

I've had my friends tell me before, "Patty, you're going to end up in The Bay again. You just look so happy."

You know what, I hope so. I hope I do end up in San Francisco because I would probably love it more than anything in the world.

But since I'm feeling "homesick," here are some of my favorite pictures from my latest trip.

So please San Fran, stop being so expensive and let me move into your beauty because I miss home.

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