Summer Break: Expectations vs. Reality
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Summer Break: Expectations vs. Reality

Making memories you'll share forever or binge watching Netflix.

Summer Break: Expectations vs. Reality

Let’s face it, the day we all realized that college classes were a lot harder than we expected, we immediately made a countdown for the days until summer break. You got a short burst of excitement when you finally hit the 100 day mark, then at the 50 day mark, and then at the home stretch. You checked everyday to see how many days stood between you studying your ass off in the library and you having freedom for two and a half months. Then finally you reached the time you had been been waiting for- SUMMER BREAK.

The start of every summer has so much potential and endless possibilities. There’s making a trip out to the beach with your best girlfriends and also making an insta-worthy trip out of it. All of the outfits you’ve been pinning away during the past school year, while I swear not procrastinating homework, can finally come to life- yet another insta-worthy moment. You can go on exotic vacations to places that are absolutely beautiful. You dream of staying up all night and “making memories you’ll never forget”- or whatever that cliché quote is that somehow relates to every girl’s life.

It’s that simple. Summer break is meant for long nights and sleeping all day. Shopping with your girlfriends and finding your summer fling. I mean, isn’t that what we expect to happen?

WRONG. So wrong. Summer break somehow never turns out to be the perfect bucket list we expect it to be. So here it is, the truth of your summer expectations vs. the sad reality of it.

Expectation: Putting your favorite Pinterest workouts to the test and getting your dream bod.

Reality: Mom goes grocery shopping and let’s just say the pantry is over loaded with potato chips, candy, and everything in between.

Expectation: Being so happy that you no longer have to hear your annoying alarm go off at 8 o’clock in the morning everyday for classes. Finally, SLEEP.

Reality: Remembering that you applied for a job as a camp counselor so you’re at work before 7 A.M. five days out of the week.

Expectation: Attending ALL of the music festivals you can get your hands on- I’m talking high waisted shorts and flower crowns galore.

Reality: You’re still a broke college students who has to think twice about spending your money on Dunkin Donuts happy hour iced coffee.

Expectation: A long hot summer.

Reality: HAH, nice weather? I’m still wearing my rain boots in June.

Expectation: Making up for lost time spent with your hometowns by spending the entire summer doing everything and anything together.

Reality: Debating if your friends are worth your time over Netflix. Then you laugh to yourself and continue watching Gossip Girl right where you left off.

Expectation: Being so brain fried from the past spring semester that school is the last thing on your mind all summer long. I mean it is called summer break, right?

Reality: After a long day at work you pack your backpack and drive to your community college because your parents convinced you that taking a summer class would be good for you and to “keep you on track."

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