Summer Activities That Will Make You Appreciate The Little Things
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Summer Activities That Will Make You Appreciate The Little Things

Fun summer ideas that you can do anywhere and will give you the right mindset to conquer the colder seasons ahead.

scenery of a grassfield during sunset
Photo by Dakota Roos on Unsplash

This article is a response to: 15 More Summer Activities To Cure Your Boredom.

Watch the clouds go by in an open field.

The clouds creep up on a blue sky above a green field with a tree

I remember as a kid staring at the clouds for hours, making up shapes and creature and creating many stories. Though childhood may be over, it does not mean we can take a moment or two to enjoy the little nothings of life. Relax with friends at a park or even in your backyard and wonder on the beauty of the above.

Find daily routines to do outside.

A laptop and coffee mug sit on a patio outdoors

Take advantage of the warm weather and take your usual indoor activities outdoors. This can be on vacation, during lunch, at the park, or even on your balcony. Whether you actually get to take time off of work this summer, you can still take a few minutes out of your day to enjoy of relaxing activity while benefiting from the warm weather. This can be talking on the phone with your mom, reading a book, watching a movie on your phone or laptop or even working if you have a remote job.

Make a fun, summer only, treat!​

marshmallows and chocolate bar on brown wooden boardPhoto by Jessica Ruscello on Unsplash

Don't let summer fly by without enjoy the most important thing of all. S'mores! Most importantly, a nostalgic or favorite treat that is most accessible in the warmth. You can make s'mores by the fire on the needed camping getaway, homemade lemonade for your friends, or a frozen cocktail for the weekends. Indulge in those sweet treats that brings laughter and happiness to every occasion.

Find an event in your local area.

high angle photo of ferris wheelPhoto by reece w on Unsplash

Summer and outdoor weather opens the door to a plethora of outdoor activities, especially ones that involve the community as a whole. There are plenty of festival, farmers markets, and fairs that open up in the summertime. If you are looking for ways to interact and find new friends this could be a great option for you. Finding local events gets you out of the house and doing fun activities that can leave you with great memories and maybe even greater friends.

Open your windows more. 

a potted plant sitting on top of a window sillPhoto by David Dvořáček on Unsplash

We all hear that opening up our blinds and letting in natural lighting is good for our electricity bill and mental health. Go even a bit further and open up your windows when you have the chance. Nothing gets me in a better mood that being able to listen to the sounds of the outdoors, whether it be the bustling of the city or the natural sounds of a secluded area. It can help clear your mind to have other noise than that of your tv or even just complete silence. You can even crack a window while you sleep at night. You might be surprised at how calming this small activity can be.

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