A Lazy Person's Guide To A Fun Summer
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A Lazy Person's Guide To A Fun Summer

If I can do it, you can do it.

A Lazy Person's Guide To A Fun Summer

If you plan on spending your summer laying in bed and binge watching Netflix because you are too lazy to come up with fun ideas then don’t worry, this article is here to help. Coming from a lazy person as well, I know how much summer is a struggle for you to come up with fun activities to do. Through extensive research of looking through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, I have put together a list for the lazy person guide to a fun summer.

1. Read a book once a month

2. Lay out in your backyard and tan (bonus if you have a pool)

3. Take random road trips to places you have never been to

4. Learn to cook and prepare a three-course meal (for yourself or others)

5. Take multiple beach trips

6. Explore different bars

7. Sip N Paint

8. If you have a dog, go on daily walks or go to the dog park once a week

9. If you have a cat, teach it to go on walks (cutest thing ever seeing a cat in a harness)

10. Go to a concert

11. Hang out with friends you haven’t seen in awhile

12. Get a part time job so you can enjoy the next point and not feel broke

13. Treat yourself and go on shopping sprees

14. Go to a midnight premiere of a movie

15. Do trivia night at a local bar

16. Go to baseball games (extra points if you get on the MegaTron)

17. Go on a walk or run everyday or once a week or even once a month

18. Go to an amusement park

19. Get an internship

20. FFFT (forced family fun time)

21. Volunteer at your local Humane Society

22. Go fishing

23. Redesign your room

24. Put together a puzzle

25. Actually go outside and enjoy the fresh air

26. Do some DIY projects for your room or college dorm

27. Dedicate one day once a month to eating junk food and movie watching with your BFF

28. Go on picnics

29. Take lots and lots of pictures

30. Just enjoy life every single day

Make this a competition in your friend group and see who can accomplish all of these activities. Winner gets the pride of being active this whole summer. HAGS.

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