100 Activities To Keep You Busy This Summer
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100 Activities To Keep You Busy This Summer

Because every day should create a new memory!

100 Activities To Keep You Busy This Summer

Some days it can feel like there's nothing to do, but I'm here to tell you there's plenty. So no more excuses!

Here's a list of 100 activities to fill your summer days with. Enjoy and happy summer!

1. Read a book

Pick a classic or re-read a favorite.

2. Go swimming

The cure for all hot weather and gives you the chance to relive that childhood dream of being a mermaid/merman. Admit it we all wanted to make it Atlantis.

3. Learn to paint

Take a class or try a self-taught technique, you may discover a hidden talent.

4. Make a movie

Grab some friends and your iPhone and put together a short film. It’ll keep you occupied and be great for your profile when you decide to become the next Spielberg.

5. Get a fun job

If you’re young enough get a job working at your town’s burger joint or maybe your favorite retail store. Don’t be discouraged if they don’t hire you, there’s always 99 other things to do.

6. Go for a walk

Take your dog, take a friend, grab your siblings, just get outdoors.

7. Watch Netflix

Start a new series to see what everyone is talking about or watch an old favorite, I hear Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron is great.

8. Start a business

No time like the present. Start a website, make some business cards and make your dream a reality.

9. Write a book

Autobiography, comedy, mystery, short poems, writing is good for the soul.

10. Do some yoga

Become more flexible and open your mind.

11. Join a local team

Working out can be hard, so join a local basketball league to have fun and get your workout in at the same time.

12. Clean out your closet

A great way to stay organized and make some money if you can sell some of your old clothes!

13. Decorate your walls

Take down those pictures from sixth grade and pop up a colorful tapestry, some artwork, or build some shelves for all your books!

14. Create a collage

A great way to read through some magazines and keep you occupied.

15. Make a playlist

Country, pop, rap, studying, work, exercise, all activities have a different tune so make a playlist for them all.

16. Go to a concert

Save up some change for a few weeks and buy those $15 grass seats to that July concert!

17. Bake something

Bake some sweet treats and eat them all yourself or share them with your neighbors and family!

18. Go shopping


19. Paint your nails

Fourth of July themed or maybe a cool nude!

20. Do a face mask

I promise you will feel refreshed and spoiled.

21. Take a nap

When in doubt, take a snooze, best way to burn calories in my opinion.

22. Start a blog

Wordpress your thoughts!


Exercise releases endorphins, endorphins make people happy, happy people just don’t shoot their husbands, as Elle Woods says.

24. Host a party

Christmas in July. YAS please. Hawaii in your backyard? Or even a Shark Week themed party?! Nothing better.

25. Gather up loose change

Check under those couch cushions, under your bed, your drawers, your parents pocket;)

26. Design your room

If you’re heading to college get a head start on designing your room for the year!

27. Go line dancing

Grab your cowboy boots and some friends and head to the nearest line dancing bar!

28. Drive around

There’s nothing like driving around with your windows down and some music blasting in the summer air.

29. Learn how to ride horses

This is one close to my heart. There is no feeling like being on top of a horse, trust me.

30. Learn a new language

Spanish, Russian, French, English? Apps like Duolingo are great for learning some conversational phrases and words!

31. Go thrifting

Need some new additions to your wardrobe, head to your nearest thrift shop or vintage store!

32. Buy some ice cream and walk around

Cool down with some ice cream and walk around an outdoor mall or downtown.

33. Get a massage

Feeling tense? There’s plenty of cheap massage places everywhere!

34. Take a fun exercise class

Hip hop classes? Ballet? Musical yoga? There’s so many new exercise trends to keep up with, try one or try them all!

35. Learn to sew

A great skill to have in life according to my grandmother.

36. Scrapbook

Take a trip to my favorite store in the world: Michael’s and buys some crafts to make sure your pictures from your past years are well preserved.

37. Go to target

Two words: Dollar Bins.

38. Write songs

A great way to express yourself and keep your mind occupied.

39. Learn an instrument

Take up the harmonica. Or the pan flute.

40. Plant a garden

Veggies, fruits, flowers, pick your favorite and get started.

41. Go to a museum

Art, history, engineering, they have museums for everything nowadays.

42. Go to the zoo


43. Go on a hike

Make sure you bring plenty of water, snacks, and sunscreen!

44. Go to Sephora and get a makeover

Honestly, one of my favorite pastimes. You just have to pretend like you want to buy a product.

45. Travel: take a day trip

Maybe to San Fran, Austin, just depends where you live!

46. Go to the beach, if you can?

Beach day, lake day, pond day? Find some body of water and cool off!

47. Join a gym

Gyms are a great way to meet people and stay in shape!

48. Make a smoothie

Smoothies are the best when it’s hot out and you don’t want to shove a burger in your mouth.

49. Take a bath

Put on a face mask and toss in that bath bomb.

50. Clean out your inbox

If you’re like me then you know this is a priority for your sanity.

51. Volunteer

Look up your local animal shelter or organizations like Challenge Sports that work with disabled children, have fun while doing something good for others!

52. Take a road trip

Roll those windows down, turn the volume up and just drive!

53. Clean your room

Because I said to.

54. Make a cookbook

Because Grandma’s recipes should never be forgotten.

55. Have a cup of coffee

Iced or hot, it’s a nice energy boost.

56. Make those 90’s friendship bracelets

I mean, the 90’s are coming back.

57. Get a fake tattoo or a real one…

Be sure to ask your parents first, but it’s summer what the hey!

58. Audition for a commercial

Check that one of your bucket list.

59. Get a haircut

With the warm weather, it’s always nice to feel light!

60. Go on a date

Ask out that cutie you’ve been eyeing and don’t dip out last minute!

61. Go to the rodeo

This is one of my favorite past times, I promise you’ll leave feeling the most patriotic you’ve ever been.

62. Make homemade ice cream

Ice, sugar, and salt, maybe a touch of vanilla, it’s easy and tasty! See the link below for some help:


63. Host a board game night

Risk, Settlers of Catan, or good ole Monopoly, board games are a fun way to get the gang together.

64. Build a beach— kiddie pool and sand

Can be messy, but if you live to far away from the beach bring the sun and sand to your house.

65. Go fishing

If you’ve never been, summer is a great time to cast your rod!

66. Play flashlight tag

You’re it.

67. Go camping

A fun way to get away from the city and see the stars and hellooooo S’MORES.

68. Play mini-golf

Mini-golf: for people who don’t have the patience for real golf.

69. Build a fort and watch a movie

Grab some chairs and blankets and your laptop and hit play.


I mean…. Is there anything better.

71. Make a lemonade stand

Make some money, get a tan, and it’s a good laugh.

72. Go to a music festival

Always fun to see some live bands in the summer.

73. Host a car wash

Great way to stay cool and make a little cash.

74. Go paddle boarding, canoeing, kayaking

Take in the beauty of the great outdoors and ah, fresh air.

75. Take photos

With your phone, camera, or Polaroid, make sure to capture all your summer adventures

76. Buy a hammock and take a nap


77. Tie-dye

Fun, flirty and fashionable.

78. Babysittinggggg


79. Make a slip and slide

Take some trash bags and a hose and voila! Welcome to your own water park.

80. Play poker

Use real money or don’t but poker is always a fun time.

81. Go skinny-dipping

Just don't get caught.

82. Disneyland

Save up some money for a trip.

83. Roller-coaster

I’ve never been, but they look fun.

84. Start archery

I mean, why not? You can be the next Katniss.

85. Have a picnic

Tis the season for watermelon!

86. Pokemon go?

Is this still a thing…

87. Write to your grandma or an old friend

There’s nothing like getting a handwritten letter, you're sure to put a smile on their face.

88. Window shopping

Fair warning: this can lead to real shopping.

89. Go to a comedy show


90. Go to baseball game

Hot dogs, beer, and some good old American Baseball.

91. Go to the farmer’s market

Even if you don’t buy anything they’re a fun place to walk around.

92. Chalk up your driveway

Buy some chalk during your target trip and hit the pavement;)

93. Buy your Christmas gifts

It's never too soon to start.

94. Go to the aquarium

Try to find nemo.

95. Jump rope

Double dutch anyone?

96. Build bean bag toss boards and host a tournament

Cornhole is the best.

97. Bowling!

If you live in a place like me where freak rain showers can occur: bowling is a good excuse to leave the house.

98. Have a slumber party

Watch a movie with your friends, bake some goodies, face masks: sounds like a good time.

99. Hydrate

Not really an activity, but important.


Even if you’re working it’s important to remember that you need to relax every now and then, enjoy the summer weather.

Just remember whatever you do this summer, do it big and have fun with it!

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