The Summer 2018 To-Do List For The Student Who Doesn't Know What's Ahead
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The Summer 2018 To-Do List For The Student Who Doesn't Know What's Ahead

I don't know, I know with school, my goals can't be extreme, but I think I could definitely accomplish all of these.

The Summer 2018 To-Do List For The Student Who Doesn't Know What's Ahead
Lauren Carpenter

As Summer A classes just began, I have to get into a routine. It is a must, especially for my OCD self, I love to plan ahead.

I am so used to taking five classes up to fifteen credit hours when now I am only taking two classes at seven credit hours. I have an enormous amount of time on my hands, something that I am not accustomed to. Plus, in between my two classes, I have a three-hour break....which I despise. Why? Because, that means I gotta drive home, eat lunch, study, then leave 45min before class just so that I can find a parking spot (since Woodward is closed and the others are too far away).

That is where my goals come into place.

1. I want to be more fit (more toned). So I guess I'll have to start going to the gym again....yay...

I told myself, and Griffin Hausler when we made our bet, that I would start going to the gym. Yeah, if you know me, you know I'm not the "athletic" type. Now let me add that last summer, I was always working out before or after work just for an hour a day, it made me feel good about myself. Fast forward a year to me being on my newfound health kick, I stopped going to the gym altogether.

With that being said, I still wasn't feeling as healthy or fit as I would like to be, so I started going back to the gym starting the Monday of when classes began. You guessed it, I was sore as can be. It's not like I did a whole bunch, but just some stuff I thought would benefit me. I decided that I was just going to go in the weekdays during my break in between classes, plus it helps cut down on my extra time I have.

2. I'm tired of eating out. I feel gross when I do, so I'm gonna call the quits unless it is with family or an important day.

I will admit, I did eat out with my Dad during my nine-day break, but hey, I can't turn down free food, plus we were out of town, I didn't have a choice. Previously I have noted that I make smoothies every day for lunch and also sandwiches. But now I have also started to try new things and new recipes in which are low in sodium but also really tasty, stuff that I can eat off of for a few days. I have really enjoyed it.

3. I would love to make the President's List.

I was so close to the President's List last semester, but I missed it by a fraction of a I am determined to make it this summer. Yes, I know it is going to be hard, but I am going to try my best to make it happen. That means a lot of studying and allowing time to take notes rather than binge-watching a shower on Netflix...*cough* Friends.

4. I would love to travel or just go on mini-weekend vacations.

Last summer, all I did was work. I went on one trip, might I add it was a great trip to the Keys, but that's all I did. For 3 days. With all this time on my hands now, I have the opportunity to go somewhere on the weekends, whether that being a Braves Game, back home to the beach, Gainesville to visit friends (Go Noles, sorry twins), or even little places around Tallahassee with some of my Chi O sisters.

5. I gotta get some money.

I would love to get a flexible job that allows me to have the time to study and do well in classes, but also get some extra money instead of having to ask for money from my parents all the time, sorry Mom and Dad.

6. It is a must to go to a concert or two in this 3-month time-span.

Liza, this is for you, I'm gonna try my hardest to go see Jesse McCartney with you in June. Maybe when my Mom reads this article she will be a little bit more persuaded too....hey Mom. For those of you who don't know, ever since we were little, my best friend Aliza and I have always loved Jesse McCartney, so now that we are older, we finally have our chance. It's now or never. Although, I would like to go see a few other artists too.

7. I just want to have fun.

Past summers I have rarely done anything. Typically I would just sit at home, watch tv, and go to the beach a lot, but now that I'm in college I have a lot more opportunities to go on little adventures. Yes, schoolwork does come first, as it should, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't have fun when the day arises. I want to make the most of my summer, and I am set to do just that.

Personally, I think these are some pretty attainable goals to mark off my to-do list, don't you think? I don't know, I think if I really set my eyes on doing it, I could accomplish it with ease. Everyone has different goals and passions, ideas for how their summer will look, you may even be in the same situation as me, having to take classes (well I didn't have to, but I wanted to get ahead while I had the chance), but that's okay. Just having the mindset of making this summer great, already puts you ahead of the game, don't forget that.

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