11 Style Tips That Grab Attention, For All The Right Reasons
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11 Style Tips That Grab Attention, For All The Right Reasons

A great place to stop and read if you need a new idea to add to your style this year!

11 Style Tips That Grab Attention, For All The Right Reasons
Chloe Black

It's so easy to wake up and just throw on a baggy sweatshirt and some leggings and call it good. The morning sucks and most people want to sleep in for the longest they can. As my morning goes on though, I tend to feel bad about myself. I'm comfortable, yes but, not cute. An easy way to solve this is to pack a cute bag with cuter clothes to change into after the morning me wears off. The issue with that is I would not like to do that at all.

The next idea would be to suck it up and dress cute earlier on instead of letting myself have that morning phase. When I thought about that, I would dread it (now that I'm in college, It's pretty easy to just go back to my dorm and change, but anyway). I'm sure most of you reading this would agree with me, however, what if I said that cute cozy clothes exist? Wooooooh!

In this article, you can find some of those cute, cozy ideas for your morning activities.

1. Cardigans

Chloe Black

If you are just going to wear a basic t-shirt, Put a cardigan over it, and you will give your OOTD a good touch.

2. Same goes with a vest

Chloe Black

It's still winter, so maybe stay little bit warmer with a vest over that long sleeve!

3. And jackets

Chloe Black

Layers are a great touch! If an outfit seems too basic, add a jacket. Ooor if you would like even more layers, add another jacket. WHOOOOO, I know right.

4. Add a pop of color

Chloe Black

Instead of wearing black every day of the week because it signifies power, try a pair of red heels. Maybe you aren't a heel gal, wear an all-black outfit with a bright necklace. This makes the outfit really grab the attention of everyone and is super cute in my opinion!

5. Necklaces and rings

Chloe Black

Speaking about necklaces, use them all. Stack them, put a ring on a chain, or put some bedazzled bobby pins in your hair. Anything to add to an outfit quickly makes an outfit more interesting.

6. Earrings

Chloe Black

Shove in some big hoops or some elegant pearls, earrings are defiantly an expression of the kind of outfit you are trying to convey. They give a little bit of an extra boost to show your style.

7. Match your makeup to your outfit

Chloe Black

Going for that all black look? You can add a black smokey eye, and for the people who don't like extreme makeup, add some liner. Instantly, that outfit is sassier! If you possibly choose to add that pop of color, make the lipstick match the pop! (That's also a beauty hack to get people driven to looking at your lips more.)

8. Get a cool phone case

Let's face it, we all have that one time where we don't actually want to be social, but we do want the public eye. A phone gets the anti-social part done, now how about a phone case to grab the attention? A fluffy phone case, a phone case with lights, a Disney phone case (because we all like Disney), even a bright neon phone case. It will start a conversation somewhere, even when you are not in the conversation.

9. Add some unique shoes


Attention to the people I haven't inspired yet! If you don't want to change your clothes to a different style, try some new shoes! I mean that's how the "mom shoes" came upon us right? Some all white chunky Filas are in, get a pair and some long athletic socks and wear that oversized comfy sweater you always wear. I promise the shoes will get noticed.

10. Have a Starbucks drink in your hand at ALL times


If I still have not inspired you yet! If you like your everyday basic look, be basic! Better yet, be as absolutely basic as basic can get, get yourself a Starbucks drink and sip that drink all day long! Or be healthier and buy yourself a Starbucks cup and put water in it to drink all day. It's an attention grabber for sure.

11. Be your beautiful self

Chloe Black

Don't like what I say? Good, I am proud of you! Go be your true self, wear whatever you want to, and get attention by your personality! If you want attention from your peers, just start talking to them about absolutely anything. They will listen to you and a conversation will start!

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