7 Fashion Vloggers You Can Endlessly Binge On To Up Your Style Game
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7 Fashion Vloggers You Can Endlessly Binge On To Up Your Style Game

While some YouTubers comically shock or scare their audiences, others like to educate and share their expertise.

7 Fashion Vloggers You Can Endlessly Binge On To Up Your Style Game
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YouTube is home to thousands of talented creators and innovators, with an expanding range of genres and categorical channels. Billions of devoted subscribers flock to their beloved YouTubers, analytically obsessing over their idols' lifestyles and habits. While some YouTubers comically shock or scare their audiences, others like to educate and share their expertise.

It's important that bloggers in society today are using their platforms to inspire people and do good, rather than create click-bait content or content with negative influence. I believe the bloggers on this list are perfect examples of people who have maintained wholesome, inspiring blogs that spark creativity, imagination, and maybe a little bit of envy - but not in a bad way.

Here are some fashion vloggers that can definitely lead you into a YouTube binge while making you wish you can purchase a whole new wardrobe.

1. Song of Style

Aimee Song is a Los Angeles-based blogger who frequently travels internationally for fashion events and documents her adventures on her channel. Aimee Song also interviews respected individuals in the fashion world and shares career advice for those who want to work in the same industry. It's nice to see bloggers also engage in some journalism.

2. Chriselle Lim

Chriselle Lim is a digital influencer, stylist and fashion designer. While managing her blog, The Chriselle Factor, Lim also runs a YouTube channel that centers on lookbooks, motherhood and fitness. Lim's videos also include creative tutorials to help you out if you ever find yourself stuck in a style rut.

3. Rachel Nguyen

Rachel Nguyen's vlogs depict her creative projects and stylish endeavors against a sunny Californian backdrop. With daily vlogs and thematic lookbooks, Rachel Nguyen's infectious bubbly personality and bohemian persona make her Youtube channel quite addicting. Nguyen also shares healthy diet and exercise tips as well as organizational tutorials.

4. Wear I Live

Jenny is a young New Yorker who shares modern style advice and delicious vegan recipes. She also offers chic guides on apartment hunting, decor, and thrifting. Jenny also documents her hard-working balance between being a busy college student and fashion vlogger.

5. Margaret Zhang

Blogger Margaret Zhang's YouTube channel is filled with avant-garde short films and innovative music videos. Margaret Zhang also shows her exquisite travels and adventures with a distinctive narrative style and personal artistic flare. With a background in classical piano, this digital influencer creates her must-watch material with a sophisticated touch.

6. Negin Mirsalehi

Negin Mirsalehi is one of Instagram's top influencers, making several thousands of dollars in just one post on the social media platform. Negin Mirsalehi's Youtube channel documents her global travels to fashion shows and glamorous parties as well as lookbooks and fitness advice.

7. Lydia Elise Millen

Lydia Elise Millen is a fashion and lifestyle blogger from the United Kingdom. Her corresponding Youtube channel shares her penchant for high fashion, beauty, and travel. Along with her fashion career, Lydia Elise Millen also documents her day-to-day life in some fun, light-hearted vlogs.

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