7 Tips to Remember If You Have A Cartoon Art-Style
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7 Tips to Remember If You Have A Cartoon Art-Style

Art has a base with rules and drawing tips, but there are certain things that cartoon-based artists should keep in mind whenever they pick up a pencil.

7 Tips to Remember If You Have A Cartoon Art-Style


When it comes down to it, art is all around us. We see it on advertisements, in museums, and on TV. There are so many different styles and types of art and they all provide us with different moods and emotions. However, the funny thing about all these different types of art is that they can bring about their own, seperate kind of techniques and ideas. By examining them, we can find what makes each category tick. As someone who has practied with teh cartoon-style for many years, we can all take a look at what helps a developing cartoon-style come together.

1. Even if you don't practice realistic art, keep the techniques in mind


When you think of cartoons, you often think the opposite of realistic art. After all, while people who draw realistically focus on proper porportions and details, cartoonists can get away with distortion and exaggeration. However, it is always a good idea for both groups to study one another for learning purposes. After all, cartoonists need to know how the human body is structured properly in order to know how to exaggerate its parts in a successful way. The devleopment of style, though we don't realize it, often depends on the development of different art techniques and basics.

2. However, don't feel constrained to realistic art


While I will stand by my claim that realistic art provices many cartoonists with a good base knowledge, it is important to realize that artists shoudln't be constrained to these techniques. Yes, learning how the body is spaced out and being able to replicate it will give you a greater udnerstanding about form, but you shoudln't be afraid to turn form on its head. Cartoons are about self expression and exaggeration so don't be afraid to try something completely new.

3. Don't be afraid to find your own art style


It can be intimidating to try and find a style that really speaks to you. After all, in some ways, an art style is part of the artist's personality; we can say a lot about our art through the way we draw. However, that doesn't mean an art style needs to be intimidating. Take some time and find what you enjoy doing when it comes to art. See what parts of the body you like to focus on or exaggerate. Notice how you enjoy drawing things like trees, dogs, or the human eye. You could even look at the art of artists you admire and think about what aspects of their style that you would like to incoporate into your own style. It's all about finding what aspects are pleasing to your eye and putting them together into your own unique blend of artistry.

4. Study artworks that you want to draw


Sometimes, in order to create the art that we want, we have to study those who have achieved similar goals before us. Thus, it is always a good idea to study those cartoons or artists that are in the media today. What styles or techniques are they using to create their art or characters? What is appealing about their art? Obviously, you are not limited to the art and media you see that is popular today. However, it is a great way to get inspired and to figure out what kidn of art appeals to your cartoon style!

5. Don't forget to exaggerate!


The great thing about cartoons and cartoon styles is that you can stretch the concept of reality. In other words, with cartoons, you can exaggerate things that you couldn't if you were trying to draw realistically. With cartoons, things from poses to expressions, and even to proportions are game in terms of exaggeration. What makes this especially fun is that exaggeration can also play a big part in the role of comedy; after all, comedians often use exaggerations in stories and in their body language. Cartoons, with this in mind, are no different and allow for a whole new kind of creative expression When it comes to cartoons and exaggeration, a creative limit doesn't really exist so don't be afraid to push the limit to find your own fun.

6. Sometimes, simplicity is key!


When I go online, I know that I always admire all the art I see with intricate details. After all, how could I not find myself inspired when I know the artist slaved hours over a drawing just to get the tiniest bit of detail in a piece? This kind of art is wonderful and even can be found in the cartoon world, but remember that cartoons that appear on the air will not always follow this technique. In fact, when you are doing frame-by-frame animation, simplicity is key because it allows for quick and easy drawings. A character with a bunch of intricate little details would be a bear and a half to animate and, as a result, we often see characters in simple clothes or with simple shapes. If you find that you are struggling with little details, don't forget that many cartoons don't go too wild when it comes to the littlest designs.

7. Remember that Art Should be Fun


In the end, art is all about expression and, due to this, should bring you happiness and joy. For me, art is a way to cool down at the end of the day and I always find it relaxing to do while I chill in bed or watch some TV. It is a way to just let my imagination run wild and my tension melt away. In the end, don't stress yourself out over what kind of style you should use or what you should draw. When it comes down to it, you just need to find what makes you happy and make it your focus whenever you pick up your pen.

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