Reflecting my Spring Break Abroad Experience
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Student Life

Reflecting my Spring Break Abroad Experience

Definitely recommend going abroad for Spring Break!

Reflecting my Spring Break Abroad Experience

This is a response to "5 Tips For Spring Break Study Abroad."

I have to say these tips the author mentioned are helpful for anyone is going to study abroad for spring break. I think I've only used four out of the five tips here. The only tip that I've skipped is tip four, which is going for a morning run. I am not a morning person whatsoever, even though I have to get up early work and when I used to be in school. And I also dislike running since is not my favorite form of exercise. Plus, when I was studying aboard during spring break back during the sophomore year of college, I was living in the city of London for nearly ten days. I thought it would be awkward and frustrating if I were to decide to go for a run in the morning since the hotel I was staying in was in the city. Also, I did not know the area well enough so it's safe to say that would definitely not run early in the morning before breakfast.

Anyways, regarding my experience about my spring break abroad in London my sophomore year of college, it was so much fun from what I've remembered! I went there over three years ago and still kept many photos from London onto my computer and posted several on my instagram. Like what tip number three mention from the author's article, "eat whenever you can, sleep when you're dead." I took an advantage of that. Barely slept during my trip there. I remembered how tired I was once I got back to the US from London. I've spent a lot of my time there exploring museums, restaurants, stores, and watching theatre plays. Also, London is a walkable area. My classmates and I walked everywhere in the city and would sometimes take the train to get to places within the city faster. Needless to say that I've utilized tip three a lot.

Even though I didn't make a new BFF like tip one mentioned, I still had a lot of fun with my classmates and made a couple of friends as a result. All of us were from different class years so it was unique that we all took this trip to London for study abroad during spring break. And of course, when we were walking around, we only spent on our experiences (except food and a couple of souvenirs) and only carried small bags. I guess we utilized the author's tips two and five without realizing it.

Since I was studying abroad in London for spring break, I had to make sure I've took advantage of everything. It was my first time in the continent of Europe and was only traveling with my classmates and our teacher. Even though it was a fun trip, I still had to take notes and write essays of the plays we had to watch, which were really interesting. I've wished we stayed longer than ten days but the experience itself made me understand the culture there more and made me want to travel more since there's so much this world has to offer to us all.

If you ever get the chance to study aboard in college or go on vacation sometime, take advantage of going to another country. You'll learn, explore, and view the world in a different way. It will also help grow as a person and will help you appreciate what life has to offer. It's not too late to take advantage of studying in another country. And I definitely recommend utilizing the tips the author mentioned from "5 Tips for Spring Break Study Abroad." They will definitely help make your trip more fun and adventurous, which you will never forget.

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