Studying abroad in college has its ups and downs. Sure, there are a lot more ups, but it's certainly not always peachy just because you're in another country, especially when you're living in close quarters with the same group of people for an entire semester. Rather than write about the experience, I felt that the best way to explain the track of feelings that one experiences during their study abroad program would be to use GIFs. Friends GIFs, that is. Enjoy.

1. Getting accepted to the program.

2. Packing.

3. Flying there with high hopes.

4. Arriving at your new home for the semester.

5. Getting acquainted with new schoolwork and professors.

6. Establishing friend groups (it can get pretty clique-y).

7. Getting that first, addictive taste of regular traveling.

8. Finding any excuse to go out and drink every week because you're legal.

9. Reality setting in as midterms approach.

10. Tensions and drama rising because everyone's stressed as heck and tired of each other.

11. Travel Break (bless up).

12. Post-Travel Break.

13. Feeling like time is going way too fast.

14. Missing home and you start Facetiming your family like.

15. Realizing how reckless of a semester it has been.

16. School only getting worse and more intense.

17. But at least you still have your friends by your side.

That takes me to about where in my experience I am at, but I'm sure when it is time to leave, I will feel just about how the GIF below suggests.