Are you struggling to make your perfect Christmas list? Do you need a few extra things to add to yours? Here is what other college students are asking for for Christmas. The list ranges in price and gender, so there is something for everyone.

1. Weighted Blanket

These are so much better than any other regular blanket. Why bother with one foot sliding through the corner of the blanket when these blankets stay in place and keep you warmer than ever.

2. Boots

Rain boots, riding boots, winter boots, dress boots, booties, boots GALORE! Boots are so versatile and can be worn with so many outfits. Find the perfect pair for your college student.

3. Fuzzy Socks

Any girl would agree that fuzzy, wool, or thick socks would make perfect stocking stuffers. Whether they are worn inside your boots or just to relax on the couch while watching a movie, a pair of socks would definitely be put to good use.

4. Collegiate gear/accessories

The answer I got was specifically Mississippi State stuff, but not to be biased, any college student could benefit off of extra t shirts, sweatshirts, decals, and other items to represent their own school.

5. MacBook

While MacBooks are the best, (I'm biased; I have one.) any computer would be great for a college student. Since most classes are offered online or require online assignments, a student may be lost in college without their own laptop.

6. iPhone XS Max

Apple is always making new products, and this is one of their hottest and newest items. Any Apple fan would be head over heels for the newest iPhone.

7. Puppy


Who doesn't love a new precious ball of fur to love on?!!? A puppy should be on everyone's Christmas wish list. After all, we are wishing, right?

8. Gift Cards

Are you afraid you might pick out the wrong color or size? If you don't know what to buy someone, but you know they like a certain store or website, a gift card is one of the best things to give, allowing them to shop for themselves.

9. Music

One person wants a jazz piano book, and while this may not apply to everyone, there are plenty of music options for the college student you have in mind. Even a simple Spotify or Apple Music gift card could make any student happy on Christmas morning.

10.  Money

Our biggest need - money. Whether we use it for our education, a quick snack on campus, or on a personal item for ourselves, any money we are given would never be put to waste.

11. Journals/Stationary

These are not only for note taking, but for writing our favorite memories and daily journeys and discoveries.

12.  Pens, pencils, highlighters, markers, etc.

We always need backup writing utensils. We lose them and forget them everywhere.

13. Camera

To capture all of our favorite memories, a camera would always be used.

14.  Pictures, Canvases, Wall Decor

Most of our walls are empty, so anything we can hang is a plus.

15.  Netflix Gift Cards

Some days we need a study break, and Netflix is on our monthly bills, so a gift card to cover this expense would be great for any college student.

16.  Sweaters

Girls love sweaters. Especially since the winter temps are arriving.

17.  Rain Gear - Jacket, Umbrella, Boots

We need these for our walks to class in the rain.

18.  Makeup

A girl can never have too much makeup.

19.  Candles

These make our spaces extra homey, and they smell good too.

20.  Sunglasses

These are helpful on those long sunny drives home.

21.  Pajamas

These help us sleep even better at night.

22.  Jewelry

Every girl needs that statement piece to complete their outfit.

23.  Backpack

Most of us have had the same backpack since high school, and it is falling apart. That means it's time for a new one!

24.  Wallet

To keep all of the cash and gift cards we will get for Christmas in. *wink wink*

25.  Books

For the people who always have their nose in a book, a new one to add to their library could never be a bad idea.

Send this list to your family and friends so that they will have more ideas of what to get you this Christmas!