The Struggles Only Cat Owners Understand
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The Struggles Only Cat Owners Understand

The Struggles Only Cat Owners Understand

Cats are some of the most entertaining and interesting animals in the world. They are filled with mischief, curiosity, and cuteness. As a cat owner, we put up with a lot from our little feline friends. Here are some of the struggles that cat owners experience. 

  • Every cat owner believes his or her kitten is the CUTEST kitten in the entire world. 
  • You secretly hold a grudge against anyone who has told you they hate cats. They try and comfort you by saying, “I don’t hate your cat,” but in reality, you know the do.

  • While you’re petting your cat and cuddling, your cat decides that you’ve give one too many belly rubs and your arms becomes the enemy. 
  • Your cat child always has a devious plan up their sleeve. “At midnight, WE STRIKE. The paper towel roll will be destroyed."

  • Cats are the creepiest animals on the planet. At every turn, you always find your cat starring directly at you.

  • When you’re awake and want to play, your cat is fast asleep and cannot be disturbed. But when you’re in bed about to fall asleep, your cat decides to attack your legs or run around and make tons of noise. 

  • You’ve tried everything from yelling bloody murder to using a spray bottle full of water to keep your cat off the counters, but all your attempts fail miserably. 
  • Your legs and arms (or any inch of your body, really) fall victim to the scratches of your cat’s merciless attacks.

  • After you’ve fed, watered and played with your cat, it still wanders around the house meowing at the top of their lungs for no reason. 
  • You try your best to provide your cat with a luxurious life with nice toys, and expensive cat towers, but no toy will ever compare to a straw or a box. 

  • “akljfio4htofa;j 4owicjtq34tir” finds its way into every email and paper because your cat loves to come walk/lay across your laptop whenever you are using it. 
  • Your cat automatically assumes that whatever you are eating is meant to be shared with them. The amounts of time you have to throw or shove carefully pick up your cat off the table while you eat dinner are endless.

P.S.: My cat is the cutest cat in the entire world. 

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