15 Struggles You've Had If You're The Oldest And Shortest Sibling

15 Struggles You've Had If You're The Oldest And Shortest Sibling

The struggle of having big, little siblings

It's hard enough to be a short person normally, in stores you can't reach what you need, at amusement parks you have to stand next to the height measurements. And being the oldest child can be a trip in itself, but here is a little testiment to how rough being short can be while also dealing with your younger siblings.

1. You get mistaken for the youngest child

Understandable, but still irritating.

2. They can communicate over your head

Somehow that means you're the one taking the garbage out.

3. Having to jog to catch up with them

How did you get across the parking lot so fast? It took me two seconds to lock the car!

4. They can hide things on the top shelf from you

You know that your mom just bought more chocolate pretzels, but you can't reach them.

5. They use you as an arm rest

When did this happen? How did they grow? You all have the same genes!

6. Your brother can hold things out of your reach

You're not an animal looking for a treat, but if you want whatever he has you kind of have to play along.

7. Your sister looks better in every outfit you borrow from her

Because she doesn't look like a little kid who got into their mom's closet when you both dress well.

8. They can't borrow most of your clothes

So they make sure to complain extra when you wear theirs.

9. You have to chauffeur them

You're tempted to just give them your license and set them loose, but you're still their older sibling so you'll take them.

10. When you hug now you have to put your arms lower

Because otherwise your feet are dangling off the ground.

11. Sometimes you get picked up and twirled like you're a toddler anyways

This isn't always bad, but in public? You're an adult! (Almost, kind of).

12. You're the "little big sister" or "little big brother"

Because just saying oldest sibling isn't enough anymore.

13. You have to be in the middle of every group photo

Otherwise you look like the Verizon bars steadily declining.

14. You always have to sit in the middle of the backseat

Seniority should get you out of it, but your short legs get you right back into it.

15. Group hugs are suffocating

Everyone else can rest over each other's shoulder while your face is stuck in armpits and chests. It's worth it though, when those group hugs are with your big little siblings.

Cover Image Credit: Haley Holden

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4 Reasons Why Dads Threatening Their Daughters' Boyfriends Aren't Funny

No guns, threats, or creepy infringement on their privacy necessary.

This week, former NFL player Jay Feely caught Twitter's attention by posting a picture with his daughter and her prom date and a handgun.

While the comedic undertones of the photo are obvious, Twitter had a lot to say about the picture and most people weren't happy.

He has since issued a statement of clarification after the tweet went viral, acknowledging that gun safety is an important issue and clarifying that he was in fact joking. Unfortunately, though, the damage had already been done.

Feely is far from the only dad who's ever made this joke. It's a largely prevalent theme specifically among gun owners and in country music. Check out the song "Cleaning This Gun" for another example. It's catchy, I have to admit, I just listened to it again voluntarily the other day even though I don't agree with the central message.

But what's really the matter with this picture? After all, it's just dads being dads, right? Wrong. The political, historical, and gender-specific rhetoric behind the idea of dads protecting their daughters by threatening their boyfriends have all combined to create a lot of things wrong with this picture. Here are 4 of them.

1. Gun violence is no laughing matter

This theme has come up over and over and over again this year but it's one that continues to be relevant and timely. Gun violence is a very real issue, with thousands of deaths, dozens of mass shootings, and deep political biases, making it far from a joke. While there is a major difference between the handgun in Feely's picture and the assault weapons that have been at the center of recent mass shootings, threatening to shoot someone, particularly an unarmed teenager, is just poor humor.

2. Parents do not get a say in their daughters' sexual choices

From chastity rallies at churches to purity balls entrusting their sexual purity to their dads to presenting "virginity certificates" to dads at weddings (hint, you can't medically prove someone's a virgin), parents' obsession with their daughters' sexual behaviors, not their sons', mind you, just their daughters, is creepy, intrusive, and disgusting.

Decisions about whether or not to engage in sexual activity, at any point from high school to marriage and on to the rest of their lives, is up to the two people involved, not the parents, the church, the government, or any outside parties. By reinforcing the idea that the parent is in control of these decisions that their kids are supposed to make for themselves, parents like these are perpetuating archaic ideals, destroying the trust their children have in them, and setting them up for destructive sexual behavior down the line.

3. There is an extremely obvious (and dangerous) sexual double standard between boys and girls

While young women are told to guard their purity and that engaging in sexual activity makes them less worthwhile people, boys are encouraged to use sexual conquests to assert their dominance and their behaviors are not focused on nearly as much by parents, religious organizations, or sexual education programs.

If women are taught to remain virginal until marriage and homosexuality is frowned down upon, who exactly are these boys supposed to be having sexual conquests with? Beats me.

4. Sexual repression and rape culture go hand-in-hand

These parents criticize their daughters for participating in safe, monogamous sexual relationships but do not give the same attention and threats to people that threaten their wellbeing. By teaching your daughter that she can't trust you, you're setting her up for trouble down the line.

While this entire situation could be passed off as a harmless joke that got a little out of hand, it's obvious that the problems run deep and can have a lasting effect, especially on the girl at the center of the "joke." Bottom line, trust your kids. Believe that they have the self-respect and the critical thinking skills to make healthy relationship decisions and support them in making them. No guns, threats, or creepy infringement on their privacy necessary.

Cover Image Credit: Jay Feely: Twitter

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My Brother Is About To Go On His Greatest Adventure Yet In The Peace Corps

My brother has always wanted to help those in need and now, he is about to embark on his greatest volunteer opportunity to date.

My brother is 22-years-old and has helped more people in his life than I even know. My brother is a true humanitarian, who seeks to help those who can not help themselves. My brother is a phenomenal, kind-hearted human being who has traveled the world volunteering in poverty-ridden countries at their hospitals in the hopes of bettering their health care system. My brother is about to take on his greatest volunteer opportunity to date: enter the Peace Corps.

I always knew that he was a giving person, ambitious and strong headed. My dad joined the Peace Corps after college and volunteered at the Democratic Republic of the Congo. When he left, it was a time of letter writing and postage. There was no FaceTime, calling or texts.

My grandparents were furious at the time, but more-so they were scared for their son. The country he was staying in was dangerous and with limited communication, their minds were the furthest from calm. My brother was always fond of the idea of the Peace Corps ever since my dad started to tell us stories.

For those who do not know, “The Peace Corps is a service opportunity for motivated change makers to immerse themselves in a community abroad, working side by side with local leaders to tackle the most pressing challenges of our generation.” (1)You can apply to volunteer in countries all over the world and do work in many different fields.

In 2 months, my brother is going to Malawi, Africa and he will be volunteering in healthcare. He is one of two volunteers stationed in a small town and it his job to assess the needs of the people in the village and do his best to help and fix the problems they have.

Honestly, I give mad props for those that join the Peace Corps. It is not an easy journey and you are truly someone who is looking to make a difference in the world and I applaud that.

I am so incredibly proud of my brother for going and doing more good in the world. Three summers ago, he went to Uganda for 2 months and volunteered in a hospital. Two summers ago, he went to Cambodia and also volunteered in a hospital.

He has fundraised and sent supplies to the villages he was in and has made connections with people he is still in contact with to this day. He is constantly looking to help. And now he is going on his longest and most rewarding journey yet.

I have never been apart from my brother for more than a couple of months. During the breaks he is given, he is choosing to travel the many different countries of Africa. So, I will not be seeing him for the full two years, which sucks.

My brother is not a very emotional person but we are so incredibly close and share such a special brother-sister relationship. He has truly been there for me and has guided me and taught me so much. Not being able to have him around or get to see him during breaks will be incredibly difficult for me.

My older brother is one of the most important people in my life. He is someone that I would always love, protect and look up to. I know that he is going to do great things in the world and truly has one of the kindest hearts I know. I know that his choices that he makes are ones that he has thought through and knows that they are what he truly wants to do.

I am so lucky to have someone in my life that is as amazing as he is and throughout college, I have found that I don’t call him enough to tell him how much I love him or much I miss him. I urge everyone who has a sibling to call them and tell them how much they mean to them. Having a sibling is one of the greatest gifts I could have ever received. We may get in fights, and bicker, but at the end of the day, he is someone that I never want to lose touch with or ever want to tarnish our relationship.

I have witnessed first-hand siblings grow apart and not speak for years at a time and it breaks my heart. Family is the one thing that should always be cherished. So, to my big brother, my idol and the person I love with all my heart, enjoy your next journey. Keep doing good in the world and never let anything ruin your kind soul.

Cover Image Credit: Ashley Lemnios

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