When you wake up in the morning and just can’t get out of bed:

When you finish your biggest exam of the semester:

When you’re confident in your presentation but when it comes time to show the class, you blank completely:

When all your older friends start graduating and becoming real people:

When it’s 2 a.m. and insanity hits:

When you’re sitting in class learning something you were taught in high school:

Every morning when you try to give yourself a pep talk to kick start your day:

When you get an email from your professor five minutes before class that it’s been switched to the other side of campus:

When your teacher says you can't wait until the night before to do an assignment:

When you go home and experience real food:

When you get emotional because…well...college:

When you have two papers to write, four tests to study for and a presentation to complete:

When it’s finally the weekend:

When you realize your true potential:

When you show up late to a party your friends are already at:

When the Uber finally pulls up:

When you're trying to impress someone but your best friend isn't having it:

When you try to balance work, school and social life:

When you start questioning where your life is headed:

When you realize you have the best friends to go through all the ups and downs with you: