Struggles Every Lefty Can Relate To
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14 Facts Of Life Every Lefty Knows To Be True

Nothing in this world is made for us.

14 Facts Of Life Every Lefty Knows To Be True
Diane Brewer

Growing up left-handed, there are lots of things that right-handed people don't understand. Thankfully nobody ever tried forcing me to be right-handed, but being a left-handed kid (and adult!) in a right-handed world is hard.

We may make up about a tenth of the population, but people sure enjoy acting like we're a lot rarer than that.

Even so, there are some truths we all know as lefties in this cruel, righty world.

Let's start with the most common:

1. "You're left-handed?"

There are only two times this question does not annoy me: when I'm not currently writing with my left hand or if it's asked in a very excited way.

2. "So are you evil or something?"

What are you going to do if I am? Congratulations, you just annoyed someone you probably didn't want to annoy! There is no winner with this question.

3. "You know lefties were considered evil, right?"

Yes, I am aware that we used to be considered the spawn of Satan or whatever. No, I don't need to be told by someone right-handed who thinks they're the coolest thing for knowing something that's pretty common knowledge.

4. The dread of learning sports.

That is me with any sport ever. Why? Because nobody knows how to teach a lefty how to play sports. (Sports may also just hate me.)

5. "Uh... just mirror me."

Ah, yes, thank you, coach! Let me just mirror you while you go around and help literally every other person but me because you "don't know how to do it left-handed!"

6. Having to part the Red Sea of students to find a left-handed desk.

A 100-student auditorium should not only have six left-handed desks. All but three are in bad spots, too. You bet if I find a good left-handed desk, I will Sheldon anyone who tries to take it.

7. The side of your hand is covered in black from your pen/pencil.

Not only this, but everything you just wrote is now smudged. Possibly illegible. This has been your life since you first learned to write. It will continue to be your life.

8. Never knowing what you just wrote.

Along with your handwriting being illegible now, you can never read what you've just written because your hand is blocking it! The only upside to this is that other people can't read what you're writing, which is great if you're a self-conscious writer that still writes in public.

9. One word: scissors.

This is me when I was first trying to learn how to use scissors. Because guess what? They're made for right-handed people! You cannot use a normal pair of scissors with your left hand without it being super uncomfortable.

10. Two words this time: can openers.

Seriously, I need me one of these. I can't use can openers properly, and it isn't just because I suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome. (Hint: it's because everything is made for right-handed people, including can openers.)

11. The embarrassing left-handed experiences.

When I first joined orchestra, I asked my director how a left-handed person is supposed to hold a violin. I have never seen a face filled with so much confusion and pity.

My boyfriend told me a similar experience: As a child, he used to put his left hand over his chest for the pledge, thinking that he had to do everything opposite.

We all have something like that. It's what makes us little lefties unique. (And gives us pretty good conversation topics.)

12. Trying to become ambidextrous.

Some people tried being ambidextrous to be cool. I tried being ambidextrous to fit in. I don't recommend it. It's awful to see how bad your handwriting is. I'm 21, but my right hand's writing looks six.

13. Finally having something feel "right."

One of the purest feelings is holding something in your left hand and having it feel right. There's no awkward cramping of your fingers or muscles, no contorting your hand to make it fit. It just simply works.

The realest experience of a lefty?

14. The excitement of meeting another lefty.

This. This. I don't know a good comparison for the feeling of meeting someone else who's left-handed. It's kind of like finding someone who loves dogs/cats/whatever as much as you, but it's rarer so it's so much better.

Being left-handed is an experience, and I'm sure there are experiences I have yet to have as a lefty. I don't know if I really want them, but I'm sure they'll happen eventually.

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