Herbs For All Your Exam Week Needs
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Herbs For All Your Exam Week Needs

Using the great outdoors to cope with the symptoms of exam week.

Herbs For All Your Exam Week Needs

I love the idea of turning to nature for all of our most basic needs. I have listed just a few of the many remedies nature provides that are especially helpful during this crazy time of exams. Cheers for getting that extra boost for your studies right from your backyard (or grocery store)! Although I love these products, I am not a professional, so please take care when deciding what is the best option for you.


It's great to be prepared, but spending too much time stressing over your exam isn't productive or beneficial to your health. Stress can break down your immune system and leave you feeling totally wrecked, so this exam season, chose these healthy ways to combat against the powers of stress.

Kava Kava- this root, found in South Pacific Islands, has calming effects that helps relieve anxiety, stress, restlessness and sleeplessness. This root is great in tea, candy, spray, and supplements.

Magnesium- this is a mineral that is extremely important to the proper function of our bodies. Magnesium helps increase energy, calm nerves and anxiety, help digestion, relieve muscle aches, and prevent migraine headaches. If you are eating ample amounts of nuts, greens, beans, and whole grain cereals, supplements are not necessary, but they will never hurt!

And well, exercise! You can never escape the exponential benefits of exercise for your health.


Sorry, no herbs can give you more time, but caffeine sure can make you feel like you are buying more! Wish you had something besides coffee to keep you awake for the entire week of exams?

Maca- this root gives your immune system a boost while increasing energy, stamina, memory, and focus. I usually put Maca powder in my morning smoothie, but Maca capsules are also an option!

Maccha- this pure green tea leaf powder releases sustained energy that doesn’t make you crash like coffee. Not only does it help keep you energized but it is also a great source of antioxidants while also detoxing the body and burning calories.


Don't let sickness be the reason you fail your exam!

Echinacea- this herbs comes in many different shapes and forms (capsules, powder, liquid, tea). It boosts the immune system and reduces symptoms of colds and the flu. The University of Connecticut preformed 14 studies that found that “echinacea cuts the chances of catching a common cold by 58 percent”! Although this liquid herb is not the best tasting thing, I usually add a few drops in my tea at night!

Elderberry- this berry is one of my favorites because not only does it taste delicious, but it ranges from benefits of decreasing symptoms of the flu and colds to helping stabilize symptoms of diabetes, and increasing weight loss. I currently love these elderberry candies and syrups.

Shrooms- okay, not exactly what you are thinking… I am totally obsessed with these Mushroom pills that carried me through a year of travel with zero illnesses!

Mental Focus:

Who doesn't need some more focus and attention when studying all day? Pair these herbs with good food, good sleep, and good exercise, and you're set!

Bacopa- this herb, used in Ayurvedic medicine, is in tons of over the counter brain development multivitamins. Its main name to fame is its ability to improve attention, memory, and decrease symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Lemon Balm- whether you are smelling, drinking, or taking this herb in capsule form, Lemon Balm is known for its ability to improve mental focus, attention span, and memory.

Hangover needs:

Celebrate responsibly!

Ginger- this root is great for any nausea and any digestion problems often faced from a night out. Here is a recipe for some delicious ginger tea!

Milk Thistle- this plant has been used to protect and clean the liver for centuries. Take MilkThistle before and after drinking for best results.

Remember, please consult your doctor before taking any new supplements! Enjoy!

To buy these products locally, try Burlington’s Earth Harvest (the owner helped me write this!).
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