Stress Of Applying For School
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Stress Of Applying For School

Explaining The Stress I Experienced While Applying For Highschool

Stress Of Applying For School
Fried Green Savannah


In my town there is really only one public high school that is good. Since I moved here when I was three I was striving to go there because it was my only option.

It's an art school and as I experimented with what my interests are as a kid, the art I would be going there to major in was continually changing. I played both cello and violin in elementary school but decided I didn't like it that much. I've been dancing since kindergarten and still am but, I'm honestly not that great and I don't want to be a professional dancer anyway so majoring in that would be a bit pointless. I also went to an art school for most of elementary and the very beginning of middle school, there I decided I like theater and acting but, at around 6th grade I started losing interest and I ended up leaving the school for unrelated reasons.

This Year:

Now I go to the STEM academy and am in 8th grade. Right before school started I decided majoring in communication would be best. It was the major that people actually got jobs in after school so it would be most beneficial for my future. I took a film and broadcasting class during first semester this year to help prepare me.

I order to get in to the communications program, you have to score in the top 50 of all applicants. The school requires a PSA or commercial, a poster on the same topic, and a copy of the storyboard for the film.

The rubric wasn't posted until January and additions were in February. Although no one knew the specifics, everyone knew the base of the requirements so, I was able to start filming far before January. I started filming in October but didn't start editing until December and I waited to make the poster until the rubric was posted on the school website.

When February came, I found out that over 100 people were auditioning which lets just say gave me a bit of anxiety looking at my odds. The auditions were backed up 2 hours so I was just hanging out in the auditorium with my friends having a mini internal panic attack. My auditions went pretty well, although I made two mistakes the judges would have only known about one because they didn't have a copy of my script which would show that I messed up the order of my speech. The one that was noticeable was at the end of my presentation I paused for what felt for 30 seconds but was probably 4 and then smiled awkwardly and continued.

We were supposed to get an email three weeks after the auditions saying if we got in and what are seat placement is. On March 7th, the day we were supposed to find out, everyone at school was talking anxiously about when the email was going to be sent.

That afternoon at around 5, one of my good friends texted me saying she made it. I yelled down to made dad telling him to check his email. Of course he just powered down his phone so we waited a second for it to power back on. He didn't have an email so I imitatively ran into my room and called my mom at work. Right after I called she got the email and read it out loud. The way it was worded made us have to do a double check but it said "there IS a seat available for you child"! She screamed really loud and I could hear her coworkers cheering in the background because they knew she'd been waiting for the email all day. My dad could hear my excitement and was yelling upstairs to me saying "did she get it, did she get it? what does it say?" I told him I got in and he yelled "YESSSSS!" with his deep voice making the house keep echoing "YESSSSS!" My parents seemed a lot more excited than I was. We all went and bought celebritorty ice cream and called about which of my friends are going and what high schools going to be like.

A huge weight had been lifted of our shoulders. Weather or not I got into this school could drastically change my future, My parents were seriously considering packing up and moving back to California if I wasn't excepted which would be a big change for me because I've spent most of my life in Georgia and moving back to where I was born would put me in a completely different environment based off of the fact that these states are so different.

We were all more than just a little releaved. I'd been waiting to go to this school for nearly ten years.

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