Let's admit it, life can truly suck at times.

When life has gotten you down to the point you feel there is no return, you must find the strength within to keep fighting. Life has a way of presenting the worst to you as you're right around the corner from the best. Don't give up on the journey to your best life, your best you!

Obstacles, or mountains as I call them, come in our lives to distract us.

They come to cause us to change our path, but guess what? You have the power to move those mountains. You have the power to get over those mountains. You have the power to keep moving forward!

We often times don't tap into the power we possess out of fear or anxiety. If we learned to take the mountains as learning experiences instead of dead ends in life, then we might be able to be further ahead of remaining fully esteemed.

Don't allow the anxiousness and pressure of climbing or moving the mountain to cause you to go backward.

Your greatest moments will be when you get to the other side. Hang on!

You have what it takes to get through this moment.

Everything you need is within you. Remember these mountains aren't here to kill you but just to show you the strength, power, and wisdom you possess inside.

You are capable of more than you can imagine.

The pressures of life can cause you to second guess yourself and all that you are made of. Though the path to your future isn't one of ease, the reward is worth every portion of the journey.

Every part of our journey is to build us up in a manner that we have something to reflect on.

As we travel through the journey of life, it's important to remember that each mountain that blocks us, teaches us something that will benefit us in some way in the future. You may not always understand at that moment exactly how that lesson will benefit you, but when the time is right, you will surely say, "I'm grateful for that moment."

Speak to those mountains that come in your path. Awaken the power that inside you. Whatever you do, never turn back. Your future is ahead of you, your past has nothing to offer you. This mountain in front of you can be moved if you tap into the power within.

Learn from this moment, stay positive and always keep going in the direction of your dreams! You've got this!