Do You Ever Stop To Watch The Rain?

Do You Ever Stop To Watch The Rain?

When was the last time you wondered at how the rain falls, or felt it patter on your skin?

Do you ever stop to look at the rain, to watch and wonder at the way it falls? It is easy to get used to rain and forget to notice or enjoy it. When it starts to rain, we often run inside as quickly as possible, shut the door, and wait until it’s over.

A few days ago, as we parked our car, it started to rain hard. Instinctually I ran inside with everyone else, but then I thought: when was the last time I watched the rain? I walked over to the window. Everyone else was busy making dinner.

I looked up and watched how the rain fell from the clouds. It was as if there was a hole in the sky, a leak, letting all these little droplets through. The wind blew the clouds, low lying, and fluffy grey; they hurried past. Occasionally a gust of wind pushed the rain making it fall at an angle.

It was amazing all that was happening. The rain came in waves, heavier or lighter at times, pushed back and forth by the wind. Drops hit the new green leaves of the little maple tree out front. Every drop would make the leaf bounce when it landed. The rain was dancing with the tree.

No two rainstorms are the same; they last for different amounts of time, some are gentle trickles, others are downpours. Each storm is a unique performance put on by the sky. There is singing, dancing, colors and sounds, all arranged in an orderly fashion.

Have you ever been on a lake when it rains? It’s funny because when each drop hits the lake, it makes a splash. Water from the lake bounces to meet the other falling drops, and soon you can’t tell which water is which, it is all blended in a thunderous roar of water.

These performances are far from two dimensional. There are more than just sights and sounds to enjoy. Have you ever smelled the air when it rains? Some people love the earthy smell it makes. The rain falls on the ground releasing an earthy aroma, and the air often gets cooler too making it feel refreshing.

Often, we try to avoid rain, so we don’t get wet, but every once in a while, it’s good to let it fall on your skin, to feel the rain’s soft patter, or even get soaked.

When was the last time you enjoyed the rain? If you haven’t lately, then stop and enjoy it.

Watch how it falls, feel it, smell it, taste it, dance in it, wonder at it like you did when you were a child.

Watch how the trees and streams dance in the rain, how the clouds fly by.

Listen to the rain’s song, its gentle gurgles, and its loud roar.

Listen how the thunder sings along, with its long rolling bass notes.

Every once in a while, we need to enjoy nature’s symphony, her magnificent performance put on just for us.

Cover Image Credit: Corrinne Brubaker

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30 Bee Puns To Get You Through The Day

These puns are as sweet as honey.

There are few things in life that make me happier (and/or make me want to bury my face in my hands and groan loudly) than a well timed pun. This goes double if the pun involves some my favorite insects — bees. There's nothing quite as satisfying as uttering a bee pun when no one expects it, so here is a list of the top 30 bee puns around!

Use these puns to make your grandparents laugh, impress your date, spice up your Tinder profile, make friends with a beekeeper, break the ice at your new job or make everyone in the general vicinity wish they hadn't invited you to come hang out with them. You won't bee-lieve how many of these puns you'll be pollen for! You'll bee-come an instant hit at parties! You'll bee sure to thank me later.

1. "When a bee is in your hand, what's in your eye? Beauty. Because beauty is in the eye of the bee-holder."

2. "Bee puns really sting.

3. "Who's a bee's favorite singer? Bee-yoncé."

4. "What's a happy bumblebee's blood type? Bee positive!"

5. "Bee puns aren't that great. I don't get what all the buzz is about."

6. "Wasp are you talking about?"

7. "Naughty bee children really need to beehive."

8. "What kind of bees drop things? Fumble bees!"

9. "A bee's favorite haircut is a buzz cut!"

10. "What do you call a bee that's a sore loser? A cry bay-bee!"

11. "What's a bee's favorite flower? Bee-gonias!"

12. "Why do bees get married? Because they found their honey!"

13. "That bee is talking too quietly, it must be a mumble-bee!"

14. "Bee children take the school buzz to get to school."

15. "A bee's favorite sport is rug-bee."

16. "The bees went on strike because they wanted more honey and less working flowers."

17. "On the first day of class, bee students are given a sylla-buzz."

18. "What did one bee say to the other when they landed on the same flower? Buzz off."

19. "Who's a bee's favorite painter? Pablo Bee-casso!"

20. "A bee styles their hair with a honeycomb."

21. "When a bee writes a sonnet, they're waxing poetic."

22. "The worker bee decided to take a vacation to Stingapore last year."

23. "A bee that's been put under a spell has been bee-witched!"

24. "Say, these bee puns aren't too shab-bee."

25. "That pretentious wasp is just plain snob-bee!"

26. "Why did the bee want to use the phone? To say hi to their honey."

27. "A bee's favorite novel is the Great Gats-bee."

28. "What's a bee's favorite Spice Girls song? Wanna-bee!"

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30. "Remember, bee puns are good for your health, they give you a dose of Vitamin Bee!"

Cover Image Credit: Fanaru

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Our Good Fortune Following Florence Should Lead To Gratitude

It is important that the fact we were spared major damage in this storm here on campus and likely at home not allow us to become complacent.


Last Monday night, sitting in my apartment with my roommates, we theorized about school being canceled. We bet we'd get at least three or four days off. An e-mail appeared in our inboxes moments later confirming that, yes, classes would be canceled indefinitely, but at least for the remainder of the week. We cheered! We packed for an unexpected week at home. We invited friends to come with us, made plans for all the fun we'd have in this free time we weren't expecting to receive.

Tuesday, professors assigned extra homework, explained that the syllabus had been changed, and said, oh yes also be safe.

We scarcely mentioned the hurricane headed straight for our state, instead fixating on all the good of the week at home.

The hurricane went from Category 4 to 3 to 2 and hit the coast. Destruction and devastation, sure, but not as much as we expected. We saw our favorite beaches destroyed, familiar stretches of I-40 covered in water, and friends' boat docks crumpled to mere splinters.

We grieved these losses. And then we moved on.

Monday, we drove back to school. Tuesday it was sunny. By Wednesday, we were complaining about the stressful and mundane aspects of everyday life at university.

It is important that the fact we were spared major damage in this storm here on campus and likely at home not allow us to become complacent. There are people all over North Carolina who were not so lucky, and students at UNC Wilmington have no idea when they will return to school or even if they will be able to this semester. Wilmington residents do not know the true damage to their homes, because the road into their city has collapsed. New Bern is under water. Dozens of small towns and coastal communities are in similar or worse condition, but receiving substantially less media attention due to their lack of commercial value.

Florence did not hit us as hard as she could have, but she still destroyed much of our state and uprooted the livelihoods of hundreds of people. Thousands were evacuated from the coast, and many of those have not returned home even to assess the damage yet.

As the floodwaters recede, it is important that we remember that we are very lucky to have a school to attend right now. We are very lucky not to have lost everything. Most of all, we are lucky to be part of a state in which the community supports others when able. There are a number of ways to get involved in the recovery efforts following Hurricane Florence so help where you can!

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