A few days ago, I was at the mall doing some back to school shopping. I was getting the essentials - notebooks, pens, pencils, new shoes, new clothes - basically everything I needed to start school off on the right foot. As I was shopping, I heard bickering between a daughter and her mother. The girl was probably about sixteen and was throwing a hissy fit. The mother was following around the daughter, carrying her clothes for her. It was clear the mother just wanted to please the daughter - she just wanted to make her happy. But, this wasn’t good enough for her. She insisted on stomping her feet and complain.

This immediately made me angry, and sad. I miss my mom. Being away at school is hard because I don’t get to see her often. I would do anything to be able to walk around the mall with her and just hang out. Some people, don’t even get to see their mom. At all. Looking at the way this daughter was completely taking her mother for granted made me sick. She had the audacity to complain when her mom was buying her clothes.

This is what gets me mad, the fact that people don’t understand that somewhere out there, someone has it way worse than you do. Somewhere out there, someone is struggling to find something to eat. Someone doesn’t have a mom or dad. Someone doesn’t have money to buy themselves clothes. Someone doesn’t have a roof over their head.

It’s mindblowing to see what type of things people complain about. They’ll complain about how their parents won't buy them the new iPhone, and they’ll complain about how the car their parents bought them isn’t nice enough. Ungrateful people will find anything to complain about.

While you’re busy complaining, there are people out there who are fighting to stay alive. There are people out there who would love to have your life. If you have a roof over your head, and parent’s that love you - consider yourself blessed. Some people are not as lucky are you are. Some people don’t have parents to buy them nice things, or don’t have parents at all.

Sometime’s I feel like people just don’t appreciate what they have in front of them. They don’t appreciate the beauty of just waking up in the morning. They don’t appreciate being able to smell your mom’s home cooked meal. They don’t appreciate being able to see the colors of the trees change with the seasons. People just don’t appreciate the small things in life. And, if you can’t appreciate that - then you won’t be able to appreciate anything.

Stop taking people for granted. Stop not appreciating the world around you, and the people that love you. Stop taking the world around you for granted. For once, try not to complain. Try to wake up in the morning, and be happy that you’re alive, and healthy. And always remember, someone, somewhere wishes they could have your life - so start appreciating it.