Why I’ve Stopped Saying “I Can’t Wait”

"I can't wait."

I have stopped claiming that I can't wait for certain events, days, and things. I can in fact wait. I don't want to say "I can't wait until summer is here." Why shouldn't I just make the most of spring until the seasons melt into the best which is to come? I don't want to claim that I can't wait until Christmas is here... let me enjoy the season of giving while November is still in it's peak.

I'm tired of saying that I can't wait. Because I can, in fact, wait. I can live in the moment and enjoy the second for what it's worth.

I can enjoy the song on the radio while it's beat still bounces in my soul. I can pray that "Mr. Bright Side" comes on next but I can enjoy Elton John as "Your Song" blares joyfully on the radio. I can reminisce in 2:22 while 2:23 patiently waits it's long-awaited turn. I don't want to turn my back on the mountains because I can't wait for the beach.

I can wait.

I can enjoy where I'm at in the moment that it exists- I guarantee that the more I enjoy the moment, the quicker the next one will arrive.

I don't want to claim that I can't wait for summer. What am I waiting for? Let me spontaneously embrace the chill of the ocean waves as I immerse myself in locations societally intended to be meant for specific seasons of the year. Let me enjoy the moment while I dwell in it, because the next is never guaranteed.

Some say that they can't wait to grow up. But- I can. Let me enjoy my stupid moments that I find fun in as a teenager. Let me laugh until my stomach hurts as I sprint across buildings roofs with my seventeen year old counterparts. Let me stress over finding forty dollars to fill my gas tank until I have to fork out thousands for taxes on a long awaited house that I "cannot wait" to have.

Let me wait. Tell me to wait. Teach me to wait.

Wait doesn't mean that I have to back down- waiting isn't a bad thing. To wait is to enjoy the moment. Let me wade instead of wait. Let me enjoy instead of wait. Let me take my time- and enjoy the moment that I am in.

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