I’ve seen too many articles about ADULTS who are ridiculing the Parkland students who organized the March for our Lives and who have been getting a lot of media attention.

Those of you doing this need to stop. As adults, you need to act like adults.

I recently saw a BuzzFeed article informing us that Fox News’ Laura Ingraham mocked parkland student David Hoog for the fact that he wasn’t accepted to a few colleges with a 4.1 GPA. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! A 4.1 GPA is fantastic. How low of a person do you have to be to ridicule a HIGH SCHOOLER for his grades?

You don’t get to make fun of these kids for expressing their first amendment rights and calling for change.

Most of them do not want to repeal the second amendment and they aren’t just wanting to rewrite things they don’t like.

A gun didn’t stop their school shooter either. The shooter at their school dropped his gun and escaped with the students to blend in and wasn’t caught for another hour afterward.

These kids organized a whole march to call for change to our laws for people to re-evaluate our gun laws to how we can make them safer for the people of our country. Most of them call for getting rid of military-style rivals that you can’t use for much anyways. All of this because they were terrorized by an ex-student at their school who killed 17 of their fellow classmates. All of this because they were hiding in classrooms praying for their lives. Enough is enough.

What is so bad about stricter background checks, classes for how to properly use guns and a test to pass to use a gun? You need to take a test before you drive a car. Cars kill more people than guns every day. So why do we not have the same for guns?

The NRA does not want change because they are scared of what changes will come. Well, Change comes with the time and it’s time we adapt our gun laws to the 21st century. We no longer live in the 1800s where we need guns to protect our country from the British nor did they have the semi-automatic military-style weapons we do now. Stop reacting to this movement as if over your 2nd amendment rights are being taken away.THAT IS NOT WHAT IS HAPPENING. We are calling for change. We are not calling for taking anything away. WAKE UP, VOTE, AND CONTACT YOUR CONGRESSMEN. We will not stand by silently. Be prepared for our voices to get louder because we are not going away. Enough is enough.