No, You Do Not Have To Please Everyone

No, You Do Not Have To Please Everyone

It is perfectly fine to do things for yourself every once in awhile.


At the end of the day or the end of your life, all you really have are you and your beliefs. With that being said, who cares what people think of you. It is not like impressing the world is going to make Justin Bieber choose you over Hailey Baldwin. Fine, you want Harry Styles? Well, nobody even knows what he is doing anymore... like honestly, does anybody know what he is doing anymore?

But in reality, the only person you should be worrying about "winning over" is yourself.

If you can say that seeing pretty girls with pretty faces or the picture perfect couple every time you open your phone does not decrease the minimal self-confidence you have, I am proud of you. However, for me, that is not the case. It seems that every time I open my phone, my self-worth seems to decrease like the battery on an iPhone 5 without a charger... fast. The groundbreaking solution that I have been trying to discover ever since I begged my mom to let me have an Instagram when I was thirteen is that "those people" are just people too. No, like literally. They are not some artificially made human that is here to ruin your life. They have flaws and imperfections but maybe they are just better at hiding them then we are. Either way, there is nothing wrong with you.

You do not need two cups of flour, half a cup of sugar, one large egg, and half a stick of melted butter to create a happy life. There is no recipe; it is simply just making the most out of every situation. Capture the simple moments because those are the ones that always turn out the best. The worst thing that could happen to any of us is to lay on our death bed and just think "Did I care too much?"

If it does not make you happy DO NOT DO IT. Sounds simple, I know, but I promise you that you do not have to post a picture with that girl who is your friend but is not really your friend just because you think she would be upset if you posted a picture with someone else. Plus, you do not need friends like that anyways. But really, do not overthink everything; just do what makes your heart happy.

Sometimes you just have to be a little selfish. No, I am not asking you to be the next Sharpay. You do not need iced tea imported from England, however... lifeguards from Spain would be nice. But in all honesty, this society throws expectations and standards on us like we are dogs playing fetch. Say no! You do not HAVE to be everything they tell you to be and more. You are beautiful!!

It might seem like I need to practice what I preach, and unfortunately, you are correct. I am not a perfect human being with perfect advice so here is my imperfect advice: be a kind human, be a giving human, be a caring human. But never be a human that lets others tear happiness from you. After all, we are all perfectly imperfect and imperfectly perfect. We are all fearfully and wonderfully made and nobody can take that away from you, so do not let them try.

Do not let your life go by living in the fear of embarrassment. Embrace the journey.

P.S. There is nothing worse than letting a moment go by without saying I love you. Everyone always deserves a lil' bit of love. Just imagine a world of love, for others and for ourselves.

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10 Shows To Watch If You're Sick Of 'The Office'

You can only watch it so many times...


"The Office" is a great show, and is super easy to binge watch over and over again! But if you're like me and you're looking for something new to binge, why not give some of these a try? These comedies (or unintentional comedies) are a great way to branch out and watch something new.

1. "New Girl"

A show about a group of friends living in an apartment in a big city? Sound familiar? But seriously, this show is original and fresh, and Nick Miller is an icon.

2. "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend"

Ya'll have been sleeping on this show. It's a musical comedy about a girl that follows her ex boyfriend across the country. I thought it sounded horrible so I put it off for WAY too long, but then I realized how incredible the cast, music, writing, and just EVERYTHING. It really brings important issues to light, and I can't say too much without spoiling it. Rachel Bloom (the creator of the show) is a woman ahead of her time.

3. "Jane the Virgin"

I know... another CW show. But both are so incredible! Jane The Virgin is a tongue-in-cheek comedy and parody of telenovelas. It has so many twists and turns, but somehow you find yourself laughing with the family.

4. "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"


Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been in popular news lately since its cancellation by Fox and sequential pickup by NBC. It's an amazing show about cops in, you guessed it, Brooklyn. Created by the amazing Michael Schur, it's a safe bet that if you loved "The Office" you'll also love his series "Brooklyn Nine-Nine".

5. "The Good Place"

Another series created by the talented Micael Schur, it's safe to say you've probably already heard about this fantasy-comedy series. With a wonderful cast and writing that will keep you on your toes, the show is another safe bet.

6. "Fresh Off The Boat"

Seriously, I don't know why more people don't watch this show. "Fresh Off The Boat" focuses on an Asian family living in Orlando in the mid 90s. Randall Parks plays a character who is the polar opposite of his character in "The Interview" (Yeah, remember that horrifying movie?) and Constance Wu is wonderful as always.

7. "Full House"

Why not go back to the basics? If you're looking for a nostalgic comedy, go back all the way to the early days of Full House. If you're a '98-'00 baby like me, you probably grew up watching the Tanner family on Nick at Night. The entire series is available on Hulu, so if all else fails just watch Uncle Jesse and Rebecca fall in love again or Michelle fall off a horse and somehow lose her memory.

8. "Secret Life of the American Teenager"

Okay, this show is not a comedy, but I have never laughed so hard in my life. It's off Netflix but it's still on Hulu, so you can watch this masterpiece there. Watch the terrible acting and nonsense plot twists drive this show into the ground. Somehow everyone in this school dates each other? And also has a baby? You just have to watch. It might be my favorite show of all time.

9. "Scrubs"

Another old show that is worth watching. If you ignore the last season, Scrubs is a worthwhile medical comedy about doctors in both their personal and medical life. JD and Turk's relationship is one to be jealous of, and one hilarious to watch. Emotional at times, this medical drama is superior to any medical drama that's out now.

10. "Superstore"

I was resistant to watch this one at first, because it looked cheesy. But once I started watching I loved it! The show is a workplace comedy, one you're sure to love if you can relate to working in retail. If you liked the Office, you'll like Superstore!

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